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£?C/ S PEC*** 

# o 

Table of Contents 

Faculty & Staff 2 

Under Grads 6 

Houses 17 

Fall Crease 39 

Winter Crease 46 

Spring Crease 56 

Activities 63 

Special Events & Trips 71 

Cadets 96 

Round Square 102 

Grads 107 

His Last Words 128 


Another year has come and gone so fast. It seems like only yesterday we 
were meeting new friends, and renewing old relationships. We hit the 
ground running in September beginning with Mountain Day and Terry Fox 
Run and never looked back. Every week or month had something special 
and within these pages we have tried our best to document the events of a 
BCS year. (Thank you to everyone who shared their photos with us.) 
Putting together something like this is not always easy! But as you flip 
through this book we hope you will be able to look back and remember 
times past and say that they were good times. 
Enjoy! This is for you. 
The Yearbook Crew 

To Kevin, Hannah, Megan, Odre, Kieran, Monty, and Emilie: a special 
thank you for giving up some of your summer holiday to help us put this 
together. Without you, we might still be working on it! :) 
Mrs. Rae & Mrs. Carey 

r "v 

Published in Canada Printed in the USA 


Fifth Row: D Dutton, 5 Healey, L Evans, R Gilman, M Deschamps, M St Jacques, D Maxwell, M. Madsen 
Fouth Row: R Jackson, E Dougherty-Hunter, M Vanier-Hartley, D. Nelson, A MacDonald, M Crowther 
Third Row: J Wilt, D Pollock, S Booth, D Leger, S Kelso, D Pfli 3 er 

Second Row: I Verheyden, L Harding, H Wright, R Mesnil, C. Thernen, G McGurk, M Forest, D Dandurand 
Frist Row: E Goldfinch, B White, M C Rivest, V Hamelin, A Holland, D Rae, K Rae, J Carey 


Cleaning Services 

J Farrell J Bibeau Z ! Ouellette Pepin V Shattfa r ' ' loml • Rand, S Danforth 

Janitorial Services 

w Hartwell, P Comeau, r westman, G Brousseau, R Lamoureux, J C B wdreau 

Asbsent: : 1 K Comeau 

Buildings & Grounds 

Left to Right: I R run, V " >ia| «jl, P Pmett. , I I I . ■ I. > I I '<<,„,<■, J Dion, A R irtin, I I ! - ■! . 

Mir, t Blade, J T ■.,,■},.,,. I, S C ote, B Judge, J P Forsel I P Forest, I I . blan 
P Mai 

Academics: S Bootl /. H ill, D. I Jelson 

Organist 8: Choir Director 

Assistant to the Headmaster 
S Lyste. 

Library Services 



Laundry Services: L Harden P Titus, S Be 


F de Sdinte Marie, W Johnson, A. Coates, A Vachon, A Pope, S Sterling 
Absent; V. de Sainte Marie 

Development: M Smith, C de Sainte Mane, L Labrecque 





Admissions: M Morrison, V Scullion, A Holland, T Crool 

Health Services: C Therrien, G. McGurk, M E Gendron 

In Mnq Mwiwhj of Kiowa Caw 

October 5, 1943 • January 9, 2009 
llloma has been associated with BCS since sometime in the 1980s ■ 

F^ first as a counselor and later as both counselor and University Advisor 
Wf& She also served the school as the Round Square Rep, and involved 
herself in many different areas of the School. 
In all her roles, she helped students and she could always be relied 
upon to take the student's side when problems arose. She truly was th 
students' advocate. She was interested in a multitude of things, and in 
all the people she met. She was a people-helping person, a force to 
be reckoned with, one with a riotous and sometimes unexpected 
sense of humour, a person who, in spite of the pace she took to life, 
still took time to understand the lesson hidden in every leaf and rock. 

'^ a— — - 




' r 






1 *. I 

Computer Services: F Jean-Jean, G Dallaire Athletics: D Addona, J Bray 

Food Services: J Gillam, P Guay, '.V Hartwell, L Viens, L Hostetier, D Taylor, L Villanueva, 
E Dezan, P Blake, J Deboer, S Stebenne, J Gauvm, L Douillard, P Danforth, J Grapes, A Oanda 

Mariana Villalpandl Baez Isabela Betancourt Arriaga Roxana Borgio Moran 

Maxine Bouchard 

Alyssa Bray 

Shawn Cameron 

Jodi Chan 

Joey Chan 

Mercedes Chavez Ruiz 

Emillie Coote 

Maria Quintana Vega 

Dominique Roumel 

Christopher Rae 

Eric Roberge 

Oscar Rubio Araujo 

Vincent Salter 

Gladys Rossoni 

Lea Saurel 

Davey Rouillard 

Andres Simon TamborrJ 

L ■ 


Fernando Tamer Aziz 

Jakob Unis-Thibault 

Hannah Walti 

Emily Wayne 

Emily Drew 

Lyla Dumont 

Anais Durand 

Kingsley Edgecombe 

Joseph Elie 

Samantha Ewing 

Tyler Fraser 

Francis Gosselin 

Vashti Harvey 

George Henderson 

Megan Herring 

Leo Jordil 

Leonie Jung-lrrgang 

Yu-Jin Kang 


Kevin Lai 

Chun-On (Gary) Lam Meng-Heng (Jonathan) Lu 

Adrien Montoya 

Alexandre (Bob) Nemet 

Samuel Nizard 

Akayla Onabowale 

Tanguy Pasquier 

Jana Piuze-Roy 

Alexandra Questel 

Francois Roumel 

Bryce Russe 


Laura Smith 

Taylor Stafford 

Alexis Stallings 

Wei-Che (Justin) Su 

Andrea Terry 

Henrick Tremblay 

Hsien-Yao(James) Tsa 

Anna-Eve Turcotte 

Dylan Wayne 

Yen-Fong(Jeff) ' 





) o 





^; .■_.:.__ - 





i I- "I : 


Back Row: Ms. K. Verheyden (Houseparent: 

Jan. - June), Natalia Dugay, Paula Peyrelongue 

Nunez, Ye Eun (Cindy) Lee, Mercedes Chavez 

Ruiz Qumtana. Joey Chan 

Middle Row: Ms Monica Schafer 

(Houseparent: Sept. - Dec). Gladys Rossoni, 

Coralie NDjore-Acka, Jodi Chan, Regina Diaz 

Giral, Lea Saurel, Ms. V. Hamelin 

Front Row: Clementine Nauzm, 

Apollme Montoya, Isabella Betancourt Arnaga, 

India Gee Questel 

Missing: Mrs. K. Rae (Assistant Houseparent) 



MJ^tf*ftofc v 



II, II It 

■Iff. I lit 

t , ff 









l l^ffik 

A Typical Day at Williams House 

5:00 am: Cindy has awakened to continue last night's studying for today's history test while the rest 

of the house is sleeping. 

7:13 am: Mercedes has awakened late from her slumber and has quickly run out of her room to go 

make sure all Williams girls are awake and will be ready for clear-out at 7:50. 

7:20 am: Paula has made it to everyone's room within 7 minutes to tell everyone good morning with a 

BIG smile and hug. 

7:35 am: India has gotten out of her bed, realizing that it is 7:35 and she has to be ready to leave the 

house within the next 25 minutes, wondering why Jodi didn't wake her up earlier. 

7:34 am: Ms. V has left the house to go take a shower at her apartment in McNaughton and will be all 

beautified and ready for a new day of teaching Math before chapel even starts. (Shushing Williams 

girls in chapel is her warm up.) 

7:50 am: Gladys is screaming to Apolline, Natalia and Lea from downstairs to hurry up while 

complaining about the bad weather outside and how her bangs will be wet by the time she gets to 


7:52 am: Natalia is running around the house remembering she has forgotten something in her room 

and has to go get it really quickly before she is really, really late for breakfast, cursing in Quebecois. 


5:10 pm: Jodi has quickly come back from her crease to change before going to dinner. She is 

always super quick to get ready, but it's the coming back on time part that's tricky. 

6:20 pm: Joey is already back home, ready for Cindy's massage session. As she steps onto Cindy's 

back, Mme. Hamelin passes by her room asking herself what in heaven's name Joey is doing on 

Cindy's back. 

7: 15 pm: No need to worry about where Lea is; she is in the kitchen eating toast with Nutella while 

listening to Caribbean music loudly. 

7:15 pm: Apolline is in the kitchen with Lea, talking about how her day went adding jokes to the 

stories she is saying, trying to see if Lea would have a chance at beating the world record for the 

loudest laugh. 

7: 18 pm: The whole house knows Regina has arrived as we can hear her laughing from downstairs 

because the funniest thing happened to her when she was walking home. 

7:20 pm: Linda will open tuck for the seventh time today because the ice cream sandwiches have 

been bought and have arrived. 

7:22 pm: Coralie is going crazy trying to find the dollar she found in her pocket yesterday to go buy 

herself an ice cream sandwich before they are all gone (even though there are about 40 left in the 


7:23 pm: Isabela is late for check-in because she had to stop and hug every single person she met 

on her way home. Today, a lot of people were walking home at once. 


9:30 pm: Mrs. Rae has gone and checked on Monica in her house to see how she is doing now that 

she has a baby boy, wondering if she needs help to learn the rules of baseball. 

9:45 pm: Jess has finished the hassle of putting everyone to bed and is reading her book in the front 

office waiting for the 10 o'clock mark so she can go home to her room in Gillard. 

9:50 pm: Monica quickly stops by each room with baby Chaz on her hip to ask everyone how their 

muscles feel and to tell them that she is just a door away if we need any help for anything, also 

reminding them it is important to stretch before and after a game. 


WW *" ~i 


HTHk j _^ot 


' >nka 


Hup- lfll i 



EH 3 

1 M^f 

M J 



99 a^lSi™ 

j -v 



1 M 




■ => *-f! ■~ 1 j 

1 "~ '*^ TSh fli^l 

bl 1 

Forth Row: Mr. A-Hopkins 

Third Row: Mr. R. Gilman, Y:F. Wu, H.Y. Tsai, 

G. Cohen de ViHafranca, H. FuyMr. K. Nadeau 

* ^ "^ 

Second Row: R. Anguiano Paredes, 
H. D'Eschambault, P. De Saint Jean, B. 
Russell, K. Edgecombe •. 

Front Row: S. Cozier Flanagan, A- Brin, 
W!C.,Su, T.H. Wong, D. Chan, M.H. Lu 


^sarft-^awfejuobS^r *\k»*n , - jTMHUr-c^Bsfc?- \jxi'jmxn 



M <* 





.. ■"• '-' 

SSL?'" •*. ipfc** .• 

I found myself on the seemingly joined porch of two doors, one with the 
word Grier North and the other Grier South. I sighed in anticipation and 
entered the building through the Grier North door. To be honest, I was far 
too tired to notice anything specific about my immediate environment, 
blurred pictures, closed doors. I just needed to find where I would be 
sleeping and with whom I'd be rooming. I was greeted by David, my 
luggage as heavy as my eyelids. I did not have the most engaging 
conversation that I could have as he showed me to my room and I was 
asleep for the night. 

I woke up early... perhaps too early, not accustomed to the schedule of my 
house. I eagerly attempted to explore the surroundings that I could not fully 
appreciate the previous night, and subsequently got myself locked out of 
the house; that is how I met Angus. He opened the door and introduced 
everyone on the first floor. The first thing that I noticed is how all people 
from different ethnic groups do not let that become a barrier to their 

Having come into contact with all residents of Grier North, I learned they all 
have the same level of friendliness and willingness to find out about another 
human being which amazed me, so much so that a certain person was so 
eager to meet me that he woke me up in the middle of the night for the sole 
purpose of being able to say "Oh, Hey". That act has to a very close 



I have many different stories to tell about many different people, and I 
believe that is the common badge that Grier North has: To be different, 
learned that in Grier North everyone has an identity, and everyone 
appreciates the individuality that their housemates exhibit. But at the same 
time, we try to abide by the same standard of excellence and strive to have 
the highest standard of respect for not only our superiors but for everyone 
that we come into contact with every day. For that reason, I will always be 
able to say, I am a Grier North boy. 

Matt Ramphele (Round Square Exchange Student, St. Stithians Boys' 
College, South Africa) 


\ •- 




■•m*.y ^ l: -:■/■ 

*? Nt*» '^.-aBHB HUfiL" :<*. 

' ^M^J- - 

South funny one-liners: 

Nic Tomeo - Guess what, guess what? I'm house restricted, 

again 1 JLli^L ■ 

Geordie Hancock - Do you really want to start this conversation? 

Louie Lu - I am Taiwanese not Chinese! S*j 

Jonathan Burrogano - I'll make a lot of money from golf, and I 

am cool too. nrfl Wm 

Oscar Rubio - Mr. Bray is going to kill me because I'm going out 

with Alyssa aSfjT 

Dominique Roumel - You hate me becaui 

Rodrigo Fernandez Galan - No, you're wrong. I know I'n 

Trevor Denver Simard - Army is the way to live 

Ricardo Galvan Sandoval - I love Ella 

Andres Simon Tamborrel I am sorry, I am sorry 

Fernando Tamer Aziz - Arrrrrrrrr, don't make m 

Geordie K*1IN£ 

Aymeric Gallet - Huh? I dont understand. 

Kevin Lu - You want to fight? I \ 

Gabriel Pinto - I have girlfriends, yippy! 

Keita Yagi - Hey, that's harassment 

Mark Sinsky Daponte - Honest, it was Prep not a computer 


Eloi Nadeau - I am open for business. 

Jean Maille - Fighting is for g 

Hermann Eluere - Yes' I beat 'Call of Duty' for the seventh time 

James Millot - Stop! Stop! Yeah, yeah, that's what I thought. 

JJ Crawford - I respect you, mate. 

-To nlor 65anlor 


A typical morning before chapel for the Ross Girls goes a little 
something I 
like this... 

Marilou is early as always and has yet to find her Doc Martens 
which mysteriously disappeared four months ago. Sarah treks the 
difficult 500 metres from her house to school and begins to recite 
her lines to the next play as Emilie C twirls around Ross listening to 
her. Meanwhile, Britany is frantically looking for her other blonde 
half and is asking everyone if they have seen him. At the same 
time, Yasemin is showing off her new drivers licence and trying to 
find a way to change the 1 to a 0. Penelope has managed to get a 
ride to school and joins the Quebecois boys. Our other French 
connection, Anna-Eve, also joins them. Maxine arrives and is 
showing Amelie a picture of her horse and is talking so fast she 
can scarcely breathe. At the same time Odre is painting Amelie's 
nails and is trying to speak. Emma enters and her loud laughter 
resonates in the locker room. Hannah C giggles and jumps up to 
talk to her, followed by Megan and her boyfriend. Laura enters 
wearing the newest shades and looks for Marie who is applying 
makeup in the bathroom. Stephanie and Angie are hiding from the 
boys who all have a crush on them. Hannah W is looking for her 
iPod again. Helene is smiling and offers to help Hannah. Karell, 
Victoria and Alyssa are listening to music trying to figure out which 
songs would be best for their gymnastics performance. Steph, our 
on and off again Ross girl, is talking to the new member of our 
family, Clementine, who is warming up her choir voice. Emily W is 
making plans for next years carnival. Jenn, straight from the pool, 
wet hair flying everywhere, is running really fast so as not to be late 
for chapel. Mrs. Holland is waiting with a big smile as we all 
gather together in chapel. 


This year in Ross we had more students than we have ever had 
before. This at first seemed like it could be an issue because we 
have a common room that is not designed for that many students. 
But the larger numbers turned out to be an advantage since we 
have so many house activities like cross-country, Carnival and 
track and field. It was good to know that we would have enough 
participants to be competitive. In years past, everyone had to do all 
of the events and activities. This year we were able to rotate and 
support our house rather than always be playing. We were able to 
do very well in cross-country and Carnival, but we really saw how 
nice it was to have so many people in the track and field events. 
We did extremely well at all three levels, Bantam, Junior and 
Senior. Along with our success in the house activities this year, 
Ross was a huge part of the sports teams here at BCS. With so 
many football and hockey players, we practically made up most of 
the teams. This really shows how Ross is a big part of this school. 
Although there were many new students this year, we think that 
everyone was able to fit in and find their place. And for those of us 
that are leaving we would like to send a special thank you to Mr. 
Madsen who has had the pleasure of being the Houseparent of the 
best house at BCS. 


Twas the night before exams and all through the House not a creature was stirring not 
even a ... Wait! This is Gillard! Of course there were creatures stirring. Let's have a 
look behind the scenes and see what really happens when the TODs leave and the 
Houseparent is snug in her bed. A peek down the hallway of the top floor will show you 
that Malene, Yi Tong and Jeong are heading off down the stairs to the basement 
kitchen to cook up another batch of German-Asian cuisine. As they tiptoe past Aline s 
room they see that she is busy working on her Ph.D thesis simultaneously in French and 
English. They meet Amy who is on her way to check out the new Tuck. Catherine is 
busy applying make-up for a late-night rendezvous with you know who... as her 
roommate Jessica is practising for the next Pub Night. Jana is nowhere to be seen and 
is probably once again at the wrong place, at the wrong time. Regina is catching up on 
her Zzzzs from all of her roomie's late night chats. What's that sound coming from the 
end of the hall? It's Taylor trying to figure out how to sneak her horse up to her 
bedroom. Meanwhile back around the corner Stella is busy planning the first annual 
BCS fashion show. Sofia is on her way to McNaughton to visit Hugo, while Gabi is 
gazing dreamily out the window at Miguel's art and Tatyana is checking out flights to the 
Bahamas to be with ... And after her experience here, Vashti is working on financing 
her own chain of video stores. Moving down to the next floor we come upon Lyla, who 
is trying to wrestle Alexia who is working on her rugby moves, while Alexia's roomie 
Alexis is devouring the latest Celebrity Blogs. Our Third Form Mexican contingent ( 
Monica, Mariana, Ceci and Maria) is sharing gossip and Mexican candy. Anais, 
Alizee and Helene are dancing and singing their way down the hallway interrupting 
Sophia's nightly routine watching tv shows on YouTube. And last but not least on this 
floor, Yu Jin is cataloguing her collection of scarves. From here we follow the sound of 
Nia to the Annex where she's laughing so hard that Paige is interrupted from her daily, 
lengthy talks with Mike. Sophie is trying to find the next season of Veronica Mars, even 
though Paige keeps telling her it doesn't exist. 

Our resident TODs are busy too. Ms McGurk has just set off the smoke alarm again for 
the fifth time tonight. Ms. D-H is walking her dogs and Mrs. Carey is reading the latest 
novel. Tracy our houseparent is catching up on her sleep before heading out on her 
4am rounds to catch the pranksters. So now you know what happens at Gillard, at least 
some nights. 

Senior Girls 

To the girls who didn't survive, we wish you well, but to those who did, we are 
going to let you in on a little secret as to how they did so. 

As for Alyna, returning back to school a day after we are supposed to helped a lot as 

that extra day in Montreal meant more than that. 

Leonie and Sammy's mid night ruckus wasn't as sneaky as they'd planned. Let's just 

say, they spent more hours in Glass that weekend than they had intended, but it kept 

them going. 

Alex and Ella are visiting their childhood with outside games and late night sleepovers. 

Laurie, what bright eye shadow, and leggings, and hair bows. ..the brightness of her 

outfit, in short the rainbow which she carries everywhere. 

Valerie: Walking up all those stairs to sign in with Miss Harding kept her model walk in 

tip top shape. 

Claire, where is Claire? I think the Prefect room, with Ryan? Or Lenn with Ryan. Ryan is 

Claire's version of Tylenol for her survival. 

Suzanne, nail polish queen, pink, pink and more pink. 

Hikaru enjoys the finest things in life such as her weekend vacations to the art studio, 

aka her sister's room. 

Pauline baby, and her cadet announcements. It's actually all for show; she's the 

sweetest trilingual flamenco dancer ever! 

Jenny/China wow the energy, the study, study, and of course the excellent massaging 


Sarrah, the beautiful beast. The perfect woman, beauty, brains, sporty. Her perfection 

just keeps her strong. 

Akayla my dear, give that book back to the library there are plenty more in your room, 

you addict. 

Alex G, the French beauty, the ideal girlfriend, always in shape with her weekly jogs. 

Amy, the adorable little chef who has found her Taiwanese Prince William. 

Vicky and her work ethic, her sense of humour and cuteness. Wow! You amaze us 


Jessica's long hair has been cut to reveal the woman in her and her determination for 


Rachel, always doing library prep, or so we think. Nah, just playing, she's actually 

working, and getting free massages everyday from her Geoffrey Poo. 

Deanza, the young child of the upper floor is in tight competition with Suzy for head of 

The Pink Lovers Society.. ..if she can find her way out of her room. 

MS and her obsession with Desperate Housewives every Sunday, dedication like no 

other. Don't talk while it's on or else she will attack you. 

Morgan and her crazy dances in the middle of other people's rooms, and the trail of stuff 

she leaves in those rooms and all over the house. Come get your computer! 

Mayowa and her risque attires with high heels. PHOTOSHOOT! Waaay too much Tyra! 

Hotaru and her room.The bedroom/hair salon/art studio. Also, always a place where you 

can go and laugh 

Andrea's extra moments of sleep. 

Roxana almost made it onto the list of non-survivors, with her lack of noodle-making 

abilities. However, she pulled through by making use of the fire extinguisher. 

Not only did we all survive, we survived with style. With the help of our amazing TODs, 

Ms. Goldfinch, Mme Rivest, Ms. Harding, Koula and our second mother Julie, we 

made it through the year. Congratulations! 

imP^** ' 

"-; :■.■■ | 

Cv. ■"' 

: ^v^Bn 






'A' if 


- Si . 


Mr. RHf 

Mr. D. Pfliger 
jcond Row: 
, Jordil, D. C 
>w: A. 


Chapman: The House of Champions m I ^ 

In a place far, far away, lived 14 lively characters who were able to team up 
and achieve the unthinkable: winning Carnival! In the past former Chappies 
came close, but this prize had always eluded them. It might have been by a 
slim margin, but they did it. Let me briefly describe them. 
Room 1 had overgrown Patrick and Mexicano Miguel. If the first one could 
not survive without Diet Coke, Miguelitos could not be anything but a girl's 
charmer. In room 2 was another pair of peculiars: Jason, the Prefect 
swimmer and Eric, the gone with my friends kept their room cluttered 
because they were too busy. Another mismatch occurred in room 3 from 
which the tooverbal Vasken planned his pranks while the quiet Guitar Hero 
Dylan was sleeping. 

Upstairs, starting with room, 4 we had the sleepless pair of Vaughan and 
Francois. No wonder they could not make it in time in the morning! Then in 
room 5 we had the basketball connection made of Danger Wang and Chee. 
Both were specialist in food: one cooking noodles, the other one ordering 
Dominos! Then in room 6 we had the high scholar and the high profile. If Nic 
was showing off with his knowledge, Leo did too with his body, anytime he 
could. Finally the last room was made up of a pair of future lifers. If Mr. 
Three Computers, Kevin, (aka Big K), was fairly organized, his athletic 
roommate Antony tried his best to avoid pranksters mischief and to beat his 
HP at badminton, golf and even at drinking Pepsi. Add to these characters 
the TODs, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Pfliger and Mr. Rae. 

This wild combination was able to perform other marvels such as winning 
the Cross Country Jr. Shield and the Track & Field Jr. banner supported by 
countless BBQs. Hmm! Was that the key to their success? No wonder Mr. D 
was tired by the end of the year. Now you know the story of the House of 

Smith House Dictionary 

Eloy/Swiiiine (adj.) to have infectious growth on his neck during a rugby tour. 

Charles/Hendrix (noun.) only man to make Cam cry while on a guitar. 

Fintan/Big Joseph (adj.) 514. 

Joseph/Little Fintan (verb.) to shake the house with French rap every morning. 

Gary/Hong Kong (noun.) the Smith House ninja. 

Francis/Frankie (adverb.) to play more video games than Asians. 

Brandon/spliff (quote) Ohhh nooo. 

Geoff/library prep (verb.) to pick up a 350 pound monster and whip tackle him. 

Cam/Mr. Happy (verb.) to be naked at all times but justify it philosophically. 

Jack/Psycho-Killer (noun.) the black hole from which nothing returns. 

Jason/bottomless pit (quote) (after 6 hours of sitting at his desk) damn I didn't do any 


Jeremy/Liverpool (verb.) To have obtained the mooch title from Jason. 

Zin/DDR (adj.) to be the first break-dancing VC. 

David/Dangerous (verb.) to order food constantly even when not hungry. 

It Chang/street fighter (verb.) to eat Korean noodles while fighting in the Korean UFC. 

Brian/Narracot (noun.) - to be the least productive all-nighter. 

Pierre/Smith House Mom (verb.) always orders the boys pizzas. 

Romain/Ro-Fo (verb.) To turn oneself's skin from white to yellow. 

Ryota/still sneaky (noun.) Romain's sensei. 

Ryder/Ryder (it's a cool enough name anyway) (noun.) to be the Smith House model. 

Aaron/Morrito (quote) It's AWK not. 

Ian/ (quote) 7th Formers, clear out! 

Matt/shaved-barbie (quote) Don't do it guys. 

Mr. MacDonald/Big Mac (verb.) to make people do push-ups with legit reasons. 

Mr. White/maverick (noun.) to be the best dressed teacher. 

Mr. Matthews/ownage (adj.) to have no fear. 

Mika/Dog (noun.) the real houseparent. 


Fifth Row: Mr. R. Owen. J. J. Park, H. Saurel 
X. Labourie, M. S. Hong, J. Lefebvre, 
Mr. S. Healey 

Fourth Row: M. McDonald, C. Tzola, 

E. Hallward, Mr. D. Pollock 

Third Row: S. Wrinkle, T. Fraser, A. Aksich 
G. Henderson 

Second Row: A. Montoya, A. Al Muhaidib, 

F. Moreno, J. Truckle, J. Edgar, C-H Weng 

First Row: C. Hyunh, A. Sebhatu, J. O'Keefe, 
J. Van Lessen. C. Chee-A-Tow 


Being the greatest house on campus, McNaughton has a couple of secret powers that 
aren't common knowledge around school. One of these many powers is the ability to travel 
in time, so we decided to jump forward 20 years to see how the men of McNaughton turned 
out. Here is what we found: 

Hugo married the richest woman in Mexico; he now lives there with his Asian butler. 

Min Sung is a celebrated adult film director. 

Julian is dating a 30 year old Mexican girl, no complaints. 

Evan is the CEO of his own video game company. He has a beer with the Prime Minister 

on weekends. 

Mohammed lives with 40 cousins in his palace. 

Geordie became so good at squash, everyone else quit. 

Tyler is the President of Barbados. Time magazine rated him nicest man of the year 2020. 

Samuel is the UFC Champion 15 years running. 

Alex is a guild master, still takes on Pierre Papon. 

Chai became the most famous French Rabbi. 

Adrien was kicked off the national French soccer team for head butting Zidane. 

Alexander legally changed his name to Bob, nothing else. 

Edgar is fully disabled after the other knee was taken out. He lives in downtown Sherbooke 

with his 4 kids and equally disabled wife. 

Carlo revolutionized stand up comedy; he is now a multi-millionaire. 

Abel recently beat Tiger Woods in the PGA tour set in the deserts of Arabia. 

Tom Wang mathematically cured cancer. 

Dustin plays lead point guard for 12 NBA teams which he also owns. 

Jobst is running for Governor of California, his campaign is based around setting a 16 year 

old drinking age. 

Sam beat Usain Bolt in a race blindfolded. 

Fernando invented the first ever hair gel powered watch; he's never late! 

Jordan is the first ever leader of the Independent State of Quebec. 

Michon discovered a sleeping disorder that triples your IQ. They called it Michonitis. 

Xavier is the richest French male model. 

Jeong Joon owns his own clothing and tobacco factory. 

Mario has made a living breaking old glass with his fists. It pays well. 

Mr. Marino had to get his legs removed because his footsteps began smashing holes in 

the floor. He is the first man with robotic legs. 

Richard Owen is now the supreme ruler of England. He throws us all reunion parties in his 


Upon arriving in the future, we were shocked to find out that Nick Olender and James 

Truckle died of the first ever cases of being too patriotic. May they rest in peace. 

The men of McNaughton have bright years ahead of them. You can see they've harnessed 
all the skills they've learned in the residence and put them to good use. Good luck men! 




"Bao+aM "Bo 

Back Row: Mr D Pollock, R. Altarrwano Ochod, 

G Pinto Modolell, L Murphy, W. Downey, S Wang, 

R. Galvan Sandoval, Mr. M. Madsen 

Middle Row: H Eluere, K Yd3i, Q Rubio Araup, V 

Saltet, D. Roumel, M. Dubois, J Mdille, J Millot 

Front Row: C Rae, A Bnn 

Missing: M.-A. Bosse, A. Gdllet de Saint-Aurrn 

"Baotau Girls 

Back Row: Mrs S Bray, G, Rossoni, N Duguay, L Saurel, 
C N'Djore-Acka, E. Wayne, M. Chavez-Ruiz-Quintana, 

Diaz Giral, P. Peyrelongue Nunez, S. McLellan-Lamarche, 
Ms. K Trichas 

Front Row: S. Hopkins, V. Leblond, A, Montoya, A Bray 
K. Tangudy, I. Betdncourt Arriaga, I. Gee Questel, 
A. Hemng Missing: H Wall 

-Junior ~Bou)5 

Back Row: Mr S McManus, G. Cohen de Villafranca, 

A Aksich, H D'Eschambault. T. Fraser, C. Beaudry, 

J Burrogano, R. Fernandez Galan Romero, T Pasquier, 

B Russell, Mr D. Maxwell 

Front Row: F Tamer Aziz, R. Anguiano Paredes, 

A Montoya, C Dube, F. Roumel, J. Andrews, 

A. Simon Tamborrel 

ETIAC League Champions 

ETIAC Playoff Winners 

-Junior Girls 



Back Row: Mrs. L Harding, E. Drew, R. Borgio Moran, 

M. R. Sanchez Sasso, L Jung-lrrgang, Y. E. Lee, 

A. Ardilouze-Groleau, M Quintana Vega, Mr M St-Jacques 

Front Row: M. Bouchard, A. Eluere, H. Babakissa, J. Piuze Roy, 

M. Medlrch Leal, A. Wiegandt Rohde, L. Illicit, A. Onabowale, 

H- Papon 

Missing: A.-E. Turcotte 

'.V' .-.*>■. - : ■ .k ' - « 



5Qif)ior "Bouis 

* ■ • ■ 

■ ■ ■ " ■* 

Back Row: Ms K Verheyden, V Harvey, R. Brodeur, P Martin, 
G Bertrand-Guillemette, S. Altamirano Ochoa, P. Faure, L. Smith, 
S, Ewing, M Brandt, S. Stenason, Mr, J, Bray 
Front Row: M. Mackenzie, M, Kupoluyi Olusola, S. Ewing, 
O.-A. Lefebvre, Y, Piyale-Sheard, S Ndizeye, B, Dupuis 

uoior $ 5©r)ior"Bou)5 

Fifth Row: Mi M Deschamps, Mr S. Healey, Mr. C. Daigle, 

C. Mitchell, N. Charlton, T. K Duong, Mr A McDonald 

Fourth Row: A. Giguere, F. Gosselin, A. Bernard, M. Waite, 

X. Lessard, K. Edgecombe, C.-H. Weng 

Third Row: J J Crawford, J. Bethel, B. Lau, D Stenason, 

F. Duquette, S Cozier-Flanagan, 

Second Row: D. Terry, P. Gunn, D Chee-A-Tow, 

J. Van Lessen, S. Nizard, R. Harding-Marlin, M. Al Saleh, 

A Al Muhaidib, H Tremblay 

First Row: M McDonald, C Hyuen, M. Dao, 

R. Comeau, J- Lefebvre, M Teran Islas, Y.-C Yin, J. Edgar 

Bacl< Row: 

Mr. J. Lowry, M. Smslcy-Da-Ponte, 

J. Crowther, J Unis-Thibault, S. Cameron, 

M. Denver 

Simard, R. Harding-Marlin, E. 

Roberge, Mr. J. Furey 

Front Row 

D. Rouillard, J. Rouillard, 

L Comeau 

J. Bray, E. Nadeau 

\ t|or5©bach 

Back Row: Mrs. J. Carey, Mrs 

A Bradley, Mrs. M 


Middle Row: Jodi Chan, M. Mateme, 

C Nauzm, H-Y (Jame 

) Tsai, 

E. Russell, S. Mercier, D Chan, 

y. T. Da 

, Joey Chan. 

Front Row: L Dumont, S. Arseneault-Drapeau 


Cross Couptru) 

Fifth Row: V Barritt, N Tomeo, Y-F. Wu, C Mitchell, 

Fourth Row: H Fu, S Liang, O Godbout, C.-O Lam, 

G. Hancock, E. Boisvert 

Third Row: E Hallward, A Morrow, H Carey, K. McCormick 

Second Row: A. Mathieu, F. Taschereau, A. Gregor, H. Sakama, 

A Gelinas-Roy, J. Logan-Chesney, G. Henderson 

First Row: Mr R. Jackson, P. de Saint Jean, J -T, Lu, W.-C Su, 

M -H. Lu, C Hopkins, Mr. D. Leger 


I ' 

Fifth Row: H. Sakama, P Lafaille-Mathieu, A Durand, 

A- Delamazure 

Fourth Row: A Watkins, A. Stallings, Y.-J. Kang, J E. Lee, 

S. M. Lee 

Third Row. A C Covarrubias Lopez-Tobas, 

J Barthe-Villeneuve, M. Baez Villalpando, P.J. Pao 

Second Row: A. Mam, A Questel, D Bowrin, A. Terry 

First Row: E. Rivera Rubia 



■■" Pv^Ol 


m *v| 

^ i 



Last Row: Mr C Daigle, E Borgio Mofan, R. Mathevet, J Burrogano, F Moreno, I -C Kwon, R Fernandez Galan Romero 
Middle Row: R. Borgio Moran, E Rivera Rubia, A. Brin, F Tamer Aziz, H Sakama, Mr D Maxwell 
Front Row: T Denver-Simard 

Back Row: Mr C Daigle, R Diaz Giral, S. M Kim, E Borgio Moran, R Mukawa, T K Duong, C -O Lam, B. Russell, Mr D. Maxwell, 
Mr M Erisman 

Front Row: P Peyrelongue Nunez, M. Chavez Ruiz Quintana, A C Covarrubias Lopez-Tolsa, S Altamirano Ochoa, I Betancourt Arriaga, 
M. Quintana Vega, J Millot, J. Maille 

Back Row: Mi J Bray, C Sinsky-Da Ponte, A Orlando, 
H. K. Song, L. Jung-lrrgang, S Stenason, R. Diaz Giral, 
M. Medlich Lea! 

Front Row M. Pasquier, O.-A. Lefebvre, A. Eluere, 
P. Martin, L Dumont, J. Vitleneuve 

"BaptaM T3ou>5 


Back Row: Mr S Lebeau, E Roberse, J. Unis-Thibault, 

F Taschereau, J Andrews, H. Tremblay, M. Waite, C. Beaudry, 

A Bernard, W Downey, S. Cameron, Mr A. McDonald 

Front Row: T Kreuser, D Stenason, F. Duquette, R Park, D Wayne 

Missing: N. Rae 

junior "Bo 


Back Row: Ms K Trichas, Jodi Chan, Joey Chan, L Saucel, 
E Coote, S M. Lamarche, Mr J. Fury 

Front Row: I. Gee, A Herring, A. Bray, V. Leblond, 
S Hopkins, K Tanguay 

TfeotgM T3ou>5 R at k etbal l 

"Junior Girls 




Third Row: Mr M. Drew, L. Illiclc, A. Delemazure, 
N Dusuay, M. Herring, Mr R. Carey 

Second Row: V Lee, H Babaldssa, J Roy, E Russell, 

M Bouchard, P LaFaille Mathieu, C Lee, Mme M-C Rivest 

First Row: H Carey, E Drew 

juni or "Bou) 

Back Row: Mr J. Godin, K. McCormick V. Barritt, 

G. Hancock, A. Montoya, K, Edgecombe, Mr R. Gilman 

Front Row: J. Logan-Chesney, S Skelton, C. Rae, 
H D' Eschambault, L Lu 

BCS Invitational Tournament Runners Up 



Senior Girta 

Back Row: Ms. K Verheyden, Sdrrah Ewmg, 

A Wieddndt Rohde, P. Fdure, M-S. Monsaingeon, 

y Piyale-Sheard, Mr D Pfliger 

Front Row M Kupoluyi Olusola, M Brandt, L Smith, 
Samantha Ewing 


^UJLC .? 

Back Row: J Wu, R Comeau, B Wickens, D Terry, J- Yin, 
Mr, D PHiger 

Front Row: Mr M. Crowther, M McDonald, D Chee-A-Tow 
J Su, P Wang, K. Lai, M. Mackenzie 

ETIAC League Champions 

ETIAC Playoff Finalists 

BCS Invitational Tourn Finalists 

Visser Tournament Consolation Champions 


Back Row: M. Al Saleh, A. Nemet, F. Roumei, Mr. D Dandurand 
Front Row: A. Stallings, Y. Kans, Ms. M. Vanier-Hartley 


Cross Countr 

School Team: 

Fourth Row: R Hardin9-/VWIin, A Gelinas Roy, H-Y Tsai, 

J Truckle, N Olender 

Third Row: M-H Lu, J Mastalir, A Giguere, 

J. Harding-Marlin, R Brodeur, M-S. Hong, H. Fu, 

A-E. Turcctte, A Morrow, G. Bertrand-Guillemette 

Second Row: S Ndizeye, C N'Djore-Adta, H Sakama, 

A. Montoya, H Walti 

First Row: D Bowrin, M R S. Sasso, M. Baez Villalpando, 

G Rossoni, C Nauzin, S Wang 

ETIAC League 2nd Place Finish 

Girls Team 

ETIAC Finals - Allround 

BCS Boys & Girls 
Competetive Teams 

"* M. aA a H K ^ 

BCS 4 x 50 Winning Sr. Relay Team 

BCS T/eam #1 ^ 


Back Row: E. Hdllwaid, J Moffat, N Tomeo, M. Teran, 
O Godbout, H Saurd, Mr. D Pollock 

Front Row: A. Onabowale, A. Durand, E Wayne, 
J. O'Keefe, P Papon 

"B.C.S. 5-pirit 

"BaotaM T3ou)S R^icbv 

Back Row: Mr J Furey, M Sinsl<y-Da Ponte, 

R. Harding-Marlin, O Rubio Areuio, E Roberge, 

F Tamer Aziz, R. Galvan Sandoval, G. Pinto Modolell, 

Mr A MacDonald 

Front Row: F. Moreno, J Logan-Chesney, T. Pasquier, 

L Murphy, C Dube, J Unis-Thibault, D. Roumel, C Rae, 

T Denver-Siman 

junior "Bo 

>»i 1 1 — 

"fapior Girb 

I p^k 

Back Row: H Walti, N Duguay, R. Borgio, G. Rossoni, 
Y.E Lee, Joey Chan, H Babakissa, Jodi Chan 

Front Row: Ms. K. Verheyden, A. Montoya, 
P. Lafaille Mathieu, I. Gee Questel, L. Saurel, 
A Covarrubias, V. Leblond, Mr ! Verheyden 

Senior Girb 

Back Row: Mr. R Marino, H, K Sons, R. Sanchez, 

C N'Djore-Acka, A Ardilouze, R. Brodeur, M. Pasquier, 

Hotaru Sakama, E. Drew, E. Rivera, L. Smith, G. Bertrand- 

Guillemette, M. M. Materne, A Orlando 

Front Row: Sammy Ewing, M. Mackwnzie, J. Piuze-Roy, 

P. Martin, Sarrah Ewing, L, Dumont, V, Harvey, 

C Sinsky-De Ponte 

s-,- = "»fer. ^~r±i±- ^r^£~" 

Senior "Bo 

Forth Row: J J Crawford, M S. Hon9, A. Edgar, 
M Ramphele, P Gunn, D Terry, J Bethel, C Mitchell 
Third Row: H. Saurel, E Borgio, R. Comeau, S Wrinlde, 

C. S Part, A Giguere, T. Kreuger, Mr R. Marino 
Second Row: G Matheson, Y C Yin, R Redwanly, 
M. Teran, M. Dao 
First Row: M. McDonald, X Labouerie, J. Lefebvre, 

D. Stenason 

GMAA 7s Tournament Champions, CAtS Tournament Finalists, 
ETIAC League Champions, ETIAC Playoff Champions 

horseback f^jrfj 





Fifth Row: H y Tsai, T H Wong, A.Brin, C.H Weng, 

J.K.Wan 3/ y.F.Wu 

Forth Row: Mr.SJeanson-Drouin, W.C.Su, J.TLu, 

H D'Eschambault, J Rouillard, J.H.Wi, P Papon 

Third Row: M Hiu, D Chan, O.Godbout, J.Crowther, 

SWans, DChee-A-Tow, MmeKJeanson-Drouin 

Second Row: M H.Lu, AGallet, CNauzin, A.Delemazure, 

A.Durand, H Papon, KTanguay 

First Row: K Lai 

Third Row: Mr D. Fox, V. Barritt, E Hallward, Mrne. R. Mesnil, 

A, Bray. Mrs. S. Bray, A. Herring, S. McLellan-Lamarche, 

M Brinckman-Smith, K. McCormick, W. Downey, C Tzola 

Second Row: M. Mackenzie, M. S. Monsaingeon, E. Nadeau, 

J Millot, H Eluere, M. A. Bosse, J Maille, A Montoya, 

M. Kloepfer, P J. Pao, J E Lee 

First Row: M. T. Yeung, Y T Dai, V. H. Su, T. Bnn, 

A. Gelinas Roy, E. Boisvert, B. Lau, J. Qie, F. Leonard, 

M Al. Saleh 

Missing: Ms. E Dougherty-Hunter, M, Herring 



Back Row: J J Park, J. Moffat, N. Olender, D Runkel, 
N. Tomeo, J. Truckle, D. Wayne, Mr M. Deschamps 
Middle Row: Mme M Forest, A. E Turcotte, J. O'Keefe, 
S Ndizeye, P Faure, J Ross-Howkins, A Eluere 
Front Row: M Medlich Leal, M. Chavez Ruiz Quintana, 
S. Altamirano Ochoa, S Hopkins 

The Richardson Cup: R. Harding-Martin & 

S. Cameron 
The Harding Cup: V. Leblond 
The RMC Cup: C. Beaudry & H. Tremblay 
The Winser Shield: L. Smith 
The Smith Cup & Fortune Medal: R. Comeau & 

B. Wickens 
The King's Hall Cup: Sarrah Ewing 
The Petro Canada Award: R. Comeau & 

Sarrah Ewing 
The 40 Years On Award: J. Harding-Marlin 
The Jimmy Atomate Award: R. Comeau, 

P. Faure & D. Terry 





'^»* ~^P 




j* \' 





; *l 

t tf 

* * 







* T/l 




Fourth Row: S. Hopkins, 

E. Coote, T Denve 

-Simard, A Simon T 

amborrel, M Sinsky-Da 


S Cameron 

H. Walt, 

Third Row: C Rae, R. Fernandez Galan Romero, R Hardmg-Marlin, Joey Chan, G Pmtc 

Modolell, W Do 

ATiey, H Eluere, 

I Gee Questel, C Covairubias Lopez-Tolsa 

A. Montoya 

Second Row: 1 Betancourt Arriaga, M Baez 

Villalpando, K. Yagi, 

N. Duguay, C N'Djore 


G Rossoni 

R Bono Moran, 

M. Medlich Leal 

First Row: 5 McLellan-L 

amarche, A. Herrinc 

A. Bray, M Bouchard, C Lee, D. Roumel, E Wayne, L Same 

, Jodi Chan 

Fourth Row: S Wang, M Hong 

Third Row: T. Pasquier, S. Stenason, B Harrington, G. Henderson, J. Yin, D. Chee-A-Tow, : 

R Anguiano Parades 

Second Row: R. Comeau, R. Mathevet, 
First Row: A Mathieu, 1 Kwon, N Rae 
V Redwanly, C Matheson 

N Bradley, F. Roumel, D. Stenason, F. Taschereau 
D Runkel, C Hopkins, L. Illick, R. Park, V. Piyale-Sheard, 1 


Fifth Row: D Chee-A-Tow, R Anguiano Parades, F. Taschereau, J Andrews, A Bernard 

Fouth Row: C Rae, F Gosselin, K, Lai, T. Pasquier, C Beaudry, B Harrington, G Henderson, J. Yin, R Comeau, 

R Mathevet, D Stenason, N Bradley, A Giguere, J. Logan-Chesney, F Roumel 

Third Row: W Downey, J Chan, C Hopkins, L Mick, R Park, V Piyale-Sheard, V. Redwanly, C Matheson, 

D Runkel, N Rae, I Kwon, A Mathieu, L. Lu 

Second Row: J Tsai, C Lee, K. McCormick, D. Roumel, P. Wang 

Front Row: C Lee, V J Kang, M. Mackenzie, P. Martin, S. Stenason, M Hong, R Mukawa 

ick Row: P. Faure, Y T.Ddi, S-M. Kim, M M. Materne, Mr. R. Jackson, Y-C Yin, S Stenason, T.K Duong, A Orlando, R Park, M. R Sanchez Sasso, 
M. Baez Villalpando, Mrs. K. Rae, Ms. E. Doherty-Hunter, R. Brodeur, R. Mathevet, A. Morrow, D. Bowrin, J-E Lee, N. Charlton 
Third Row: V-E, Lee, H. Sakama, A Herring, W Lee, Y-l Kang, S. Mclellan-Lamarche, L. Illicit, T, Kreuger. 
Second Row: Mme. M Simard, J Chan, E Wayne, A Bray, S Hopkins, C Mitchell, Mrs.M-C Rivest 
Front Row: J. Crowther, C Nauzin, KT anguay, K. Yagi, H. Sakama 




Last Row: j. Truckle, E Hallwa<d (Head), C S Park, i C \ ■■• hi 

Middle Row: Mme. M. Forest, J. Ross-How!tms (Head), T Brin, R. Mukawa, R- Brodeur, A. Morrow, ■ 

R Mathevet, S Ewing, J O'Keefe 

Front Row: M Pasquier, G Bertrand Guiilemette, M M Materne, A, Eluere, J. Viiieneuve, S. Ndizeye 

From left to right: J E Lee, M S Hong, j. K Wang, J O'Keefe, C Tzola, J Ross-Howicins, E Hailwaid, 
E Boisvcrt, S Ewing, J Edgar, A, Morrow, D. Terry, S Ndizeye, J. Harding-Madin, R. Brodeur, P. Gunn, 
M Teran islas, T. Brm, G Bertrand Guillemette, J. Trucicle, A Gefinas Roy, J. Lefebvre (Head), V. Harvey, 
C Sinsky Da-Ponte 
Missing: B Dupuis, V" Pryale-Sheard, O-A, Lefebvre 

Student Librarians 

Student Life Co^ittG© 

AMQG5tu) XotQpQa1ioir)q[ 

Aids A^arGr)G55 

Last Row: P Martin, T. Kruger, C Mitchell, J J Park 

Middle Row: H Sakama, M. Kupoluyi Olusola (Head), R. Brodeui, D. Bowrin, S Ewing, 

M. Mackenzie, P Faure, A. Onabowale, V T Dai 

Front Row: Y-J Kang, Mrs E. Goldfinch 

Last Row: A Morrow, P. Faure, J Mastalir 

Middle Row: Mrs. G McGurk, A. Orlando, R. Brodeur, M. Pasquier, K, Edgecombe, 

5 Cozier-Flanagan, M. Dao 

Front Row: V Redwanly, M. M. Materne, L Smith, A Onabowale, Y-J Kang, 

M. Mackenzie (Head), J Ross-Howkins, M. Kupoluyi Olusola (Head) 


Back Row: K. McCormick, M. Brmckman-Smith 
Middle Row: J. O'Keefe, M Herring, H Carey 
Front Row: C Hopkins, K. Lai 

Back Row A Terry, J Barthe-Villeneuve, J Hardtng-Markn, O Lefebvre (Editor), Mr 5 Kelsc 
Front Row: A Questel, D. Bowrin, H. Sakama 


THE MCGILL SCIENCE AWARD This special initiative, now entering 

sixth year, is intended to recognize a graduating student in every Quebec high 

school who shows exceptional promise in science and mathematics. This year 

awarded toCheul Soo (Ryder) Park 

A Certificate of High Achievement in Chemistry is awarded by the University of 

Waterloo in the 2009 Avogadro Chemistry Competition to Cheul Soo Park. 

Ryder ranked the highest of those students competing at BCS. Of almost 5000 

students writing nationally, Ryder ranked within the top 25%. 

A Certificate of Achievement is awarded to Po-Jung (Vicky) Pao 

by The University of Toronto in the 2009 National Biology Competition. Vicky 

ranked in the top 20% of over 5,000 papers written nationally. 

Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition 

Mrs. J. Carey. S Kim. A Eluere, J.Logan-Chesny. C Hopkins, 
K McCormick (Provincial winner) 

QAIS Public Speaking 


Senior Public Speaking 


The Headmaster's List 

Sherbrooke and District University Women's Club Public 

Speaking Competition 

J.Harding-Marlin, R.Harding-Marlin, N.Charlton, K. McCormick 

Academe Tri-ps 

Al^ "English Tri-p to 

New y ork Oty 

Tcbruaru) 5 - *? 

^3flllJ.iJ.fe.>it^ Ji*- u .->---C;-^.-: 

Gcoara-pb^ 9° to 




Prefects Get Us All in the BCS Spirit! 

A great afternoon was had by all as we gathered on a 
beautiful September day to boost our spirits for another 
year at BCS. Many crazy games were played but the big K\ 
event this year was the cheer contest: which house could * 
come up with the best cheer for the new BCS Bears? 
The winners: Smith House 
Their secret weapon: the original BCS bear in their cheer! 



On Saturday, it was the school's annual Mountain Day. Some were 
hoping for rain but did not get it. It was hot and humid, making the day all 
the more challenging. We arrived at the base of the mountain at noon, 
where we quickly ate our lunches before starting the hike up. Joined by a 
few parents and old friends, we climbed Mt. Orford once again. 

As usual, the hike was hard. Some chose to take the easier, longer way up 
along the road, but lots chose to go the harder, steeper way. At parts, the 
rocks were wet and the mud deep, but we kept going. When we finall 
reached the top, the wind seemed to come from nowhere, but it cooled^ 
us down as we waited for everyone to make it. Once the house and 
school photos were taken, we packed our stuff away and started back 
down the mountain. Luckily, we just escaped the rain as it started pelting, 
down after less than twenty minutes on the bus ride home. It was a great! 


*k *=+ 

u- . 




- nwBK??3's«e<P ! sr-- 

4 T; 

. W--V*alA S. S . M V*i :,;■ --.:■ ,c ' .* .V- •■■ ' -IWV.'e^ V '^ 




« . ■-■*3m >■;, i, ili'UHUllBI i 

On Sunday, September 14th, students, teachers, staff and townsfolk 
alike, walked, ran or biked for a cause. The skies opened up, and rain 
pelted down just in time for a sogsy start, but even this did not 
dampen the spirits of the participants. 

The annual Terry Fox run organized by and held at BCS drew an 
enthusiastic crowd. People from around and within the school gathered 
to show support for cancer research, in memory of Canadian hero and 
cancer patient, Terry Fox. 

Upon crossing the finishing line, people gasped sighs of relief or 
panted out of exhaustion. But surely, inside, they felt the true spirit of 
charity. BCS was able to raise at least $10,000.00 thanks to the 
wonderful generosity of all who participated. 




.■(wt?* jf 



V * 


* fer 


5cpt©Mb©r 20 

- 22 


Zin, opera b> 
iging Disney 
, with more singing 
nd the cadets to their 

'm^OTM jIMi 

a couple more activities and headed 
one last task: Tug-of-war. We battled it out; it was group 
rsus group, NCOs versus helpers until the rope tore and we 
t the message that we should start heading off to the buses. 

5©-pt©qb©r 27 



gantry t^an 

kiou©qb©r 2 

want to tell you why this has become one of my favourite days of the year. 

It isn't because it's the end of a flat-out nine-week session although it is. And it's 
not because it's the beginning of the first real break of the year, although it is. It's 
because of the opportunity that each of you who is running has today. 

We speak a lot at BCS about character. Recti Cultus Pectora Roborant can be 
translated to Right Learning Strengthens the Character and today is a day which 
challenges your character. One measure of character is how you perform doing 
something that's hard, that has to be done whether you want to do it or not. 

To the rest of you, to all of you who won't win today, the challenge is to do 
better than people expect you to do, to do better that you expect yourself to do. 
Perhaps that means something as simple as to run, and to never stop running for 
the whole race. Perhaps it means, after the first 500 meters, looking at the back of 
the person in front of you, and getting past that one, and then going on to the 
next. Perhaps it means sprinting the last 200 meters to win, only to be beaten 
out, but deep down to know that you had done your best, that you didn't leave 
anything out there and someone else's best was just a bit better on this day. 

This is an opportunity to show your teachers that you are made of stronger stuff 
than they might think so far. This is an opportunity to show yourself that you have 
more determination and guts than maybe you thought you did. Invariably, and for 
over a century, this happens on this day. Invariably, teachers and houseparents 
think, "There's more to this student than I thought." Invariably, students, pale and 
exhausted, muster a smile because they know that, win or lose, for once, they did 
the best they could. Lewis Evans (morning chapel) 

Kiovj©»o\b©r 4 - °i 

ork City 

kioM©Mb©r ) I 

tor ance Day 

■ i n r~* — WTr*' — 

The entire BCS community gathered in St. Martin's Chapel to remember and 
honour the BCS Old Boys and Masters who were killed in the First World 
War, the Second World War and the Korean Conflict. During the reading of 
the names of the lost, the students, who were standing, sat down one by one 
as each name was read to give a visual impact of the numbers of students and 
three masters lost. Jennifer Harding-Marlin (Form VI) who had been chosen 
as BCS' representative for the Vimy Foundation trip to France and England 
this past August, spoke eloquently about her experiences in Europe. 

, a 4cUL 


MoUGMbGr 2<b - 2*? 






26 - 29 Novembre 
November 26 - 



ou/or Black Cat Books 

R. Lewis Evans Memorial Theatre 





hi,* ||V| 









-A i 

I i At 

, &^-^.:-~^y 



^-' ' ■ -'-V- l 

.-.--*..'. : '•_*&"!&*■ 



^ : 





-w- — ■ 

Ii( l i 1 1 




~D©CGMb©r I 

?« 2CQMbQr fc - ** Christmas ^vettfs 

n So :urday, December 6th^te BCS and local community were treated to the 
...elodious sounds of the BCS Choir as well as the Junior Band, the Senior Band 
and the Stase Band. This annual Christmas event is held at Bishop's University's 
Centennial Theatre. 

The evenins begarl with the members of the Junior Band who played with 
enthusiasm and volume. The performance of the Senior band was nothing less than 
extraordinary. The Stage Band, as always, was upbeat, playing for fun and 
ijoyment, both for themselves and for the audience. All bands are led by Mr. 
lackson, music teacher at BCS. 

Martin's Chapel Choir, directed by Mme. M. Simard, was delightful, singing 
iy holiday tunes and putting everyone in the spirit of the upcoming holidays. An 
enjoyable evening in every way! I gJ 
n idded attraction of the evening was the silent auction. Many items, including a 
J ed Saku Koivu game jersey, a week's stay at a condo in Nevis, a kayak and even 
pizzas for two years were bid on by enthusiastic students and parents. The money 
raised, over $4,000.00, will go to AIDS research. Thanks go to everyone who 
made this such a successful event. . . 

\mt AW 

Tcbruaru) 4 - $ 

Hoot St© Aon© 

Skiing fr ST%>wboardins TGbraQ _ r S) ** " a 

1 >»- ; kvi tmi &£&.-••. 

mi' Imx wbLjj~&-* 

62* £' I 


1 --^g ^M 

CcraMic "BovjjI 2008 

On the weekend an crazing 
OMcnt in the bistoru) of s-port 
took -place Xn toe tiMe- 
honouredd 1 ' gears') tradition of 
staff/ student gaqes at ~BCS, 
this was one for the books. 

At i 2.30, at the end of 
regulation tiqe in the Cerate 
"Bowl, the staff teaM had fiuc 
touchdowns, the students had 
four, feu would think it ended 

there but no. 

\i)lth tiqe ex-pircd, and with the staff in the lead, the students asked for throe More 

-plaujs.The staff, being the good s-ports theu> are, said "sure, u>ou can havje throe 

More -pla^s." V)ell, that act of generosity Marked the end for the staff The student 

toau, scored, tiding the gaqe at fiue touchdowns oach- \»)hen the gaMO entered 

oyortiMC, I knew the staff teaM was done. 

*)ou see, eueru) <j)Oar the staff gets a little older... a little slower... a little rounder. So, 

it Is with great -pain in M^i joints and heart that I surrender this tro-ph*J> to a uor\j> 

talented and descrying teaM. 

- Mr.TJaniel Leger (Social Sciences teacher and ouer-the-hill football -placer) 

3-on _ 3 "Ba5K©tball 

Staff vis Students UHiMatGTrisb©© 

1 £ 

f^arcb 3-5 

March 1 1 - zztVQto vd* \A)al©5 tXrclaod 

Harcb H - 20 

The fifth annual Leeward Islands Sail Adventure, otherwise known as the Tall Ship Trip, was 

another great success. 

This year's voyage was enioyed by nine students and their fortunate chaperon, Mr. Leger. 

Captained by former BCS student Robert Ash, the crew set sail from St. Maarten and 

continued to island-hop to destinations such as St. Berths, St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Eustatius 

On their journey, the students braved a stormy sea, hiked through a rainforest hidden in the 

crater of an extinct volcano, explored the ruins of an ancient colonial fortress, and, of course, 

learned some of the basics of sailing. 

Other highlights of the trip included spotting monkeys, snakes, sea turtles and flying fish. They 

also enjoyed the whimsical tunes of their reggae-singing taxi driver, Watuzi. The group was 

pleasantly surprised, and refreshed, when he demonstrated the fine, yet strenuous, art of 

opening fresh coconut. While on the island of Nevis, the group was generously treated to 

dinner by Mr. and Mrs. Bowrin, parents of Deanza who is currently in Form VII. 

Mr. Leger was impressed with the enthusiasm and camaraderie each of the students displayed 

during the week. A week in the Caribbean might sound luxurious, but life on a sailboat isn't 

always easy. Despite living in cramped, and occasionally nauseating, conditions, the kids were 

always positive and ready to do their share of the cooking and cleaning. 

- D. Leger 


A group of five students (S. Ewing, C. Sinsky-Daponte, Y-J. Kang, E. Drew, B. Dupuis) an 
two teachers (Mme. Hamelin, Mme. Rivest) travelled to Mendoza, Argentina in order to 
challenge ourselves mentally and physically by horseback riding over the arid Andes mountain 
range. When we first stepped out of the Mendoza International Airport which rather 
resembled a small train station, scorching air embraced us and grape vines planted right in fron 
of the airport reassured us that we were in one of the world's largest wine producing countries. 

The first three days gave us some time to relax and look around the city of Mendoza. As we 
took a short, but memorable tour around the city, we witnessed Argentinean culture by visitin 
various museums, historical sites and parks. During the first three days, we got to shop around 
the marketplace, at the park and some boutique stores located a few blocks away from the cozy 
hostel we stayed in. 

After enjoying our free time in the city, we packed up all the gear we needed for horsebac 
riding/trekking, and headed to the stable where all the Argentinean horses were waiting for u 
Unlike the stable (Ecurie Royale) we trained in, the stable in Uspallata looked like a small dai 
farm. Even though from the minute we arrived at the farm, a massive sand storm attacked us, we 
weren't discouraged and began to unpack everything from our duffle bags and packed 
everything into small, white saddle bags. There were three guides (gauchos) and Clara, a 
loquacious translator from Buenos Aires who came with us on the trip. 

For five days on horseback, surprisingly, nobody was sore from riding 5-8 hours under the 
temperature of 35°C thanks to the thick padding we had on our saddles. Everyone on this trip 
did get very bad sunburn that made our skin peel, but other than that, nobody was injured or 
sick. We had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sleep literally OUTSIDE (Not in the tent) in 
the wilderness where we saw a field mouse, llamas, horses, cows and lizards. The moon shone 
on us in the middle of the night, which woke us up. 

When our horseback riding/trekking was over, we got to enjoy two activities in Mendoza: 
rafting for 15km on the Mendoza River and on our final day in Uspallata, we hiked up to the 
park in Aconcagua Mountain. This took us more than four hours to climb to the park, where 
we enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Aconcagua Mountain. Vu Jm Kang 


1 <g&to :. 


■ -: : - 



» 13 

• v^ 

Hau) ) 


— -■ 

. I 

r v^ 



\,-*> ■••••• •*• 

ST, ■., 


I 22 





Major "Darren Turner 

: l*lfr 


lb Mr " 1 

fit S M~ 






m _+* im 

_ , _. _,_„_ _. ,_ i»u.^| 


\.X- >> 





1 .*. 







I : 

P3k } 



WbmT >• Jj V 

b\au) 3 

* v 

I ^ r ^ 


/# _ 1 

'Am yfk | 


1** J 

\ BC 



^* £ M| 






» ^ 

- *5»1 





Hau) 15-1*7 


. <*' 

r»-_^ - ^" 


- 4& 



- - ail - V 

¥ ^ 

' #&• 

. • 

-JUT)Q. 3 $ 4 

f W" 1 

V ' k / 

: 'i*'!*' V^^Q 

•Ml^s ' ;t '. 


l«w ■ 

;±*5CrV: >\*:. 

P^W "^WBJJBf^^ 



'i :ui 

. ' ■•'"" 

■June, i i 

Duke of Zfftpfrurcb 

Awards C©r©Mor) ( 

His Honour the Honourable Pierre Duchesne 
Lieutenant Governor of Quebec 

J. Barthe-Villeneuve, D. Bowrm, T. Brin, R. Brodeur, 

R. Comeau, B. Dupuis, A. Eluere, S. Ewing, 

V. Harvey. Y.-J. Kang, R. Mathevet, A. Morrow, 

R. Mukawa. S. Ndizeye, P. -J. Pao, C.-S. Park, 

V. Redwanly, J. Ross-Hawkins, D. Stenason, 

Y.-H. Su. M. Teran Islas, N. Tomeo, B. Wickens 

S Altamirano Orhoa II Babakissa V Barntt E Boisvert, M. Bouchard, N. Bradley, M. Brinckman-Smith, H. Carey, N. Charlton, M. Chavez Ruiz Quintana. 
C Sa-Tow D Chee A -Tow Y -T Da P De Sain. Jean, T, Denver-S.mard, E. Drew, T.-K. Duong, A. Durand, T. Eraser, A. Gelinas Roy, P. Gunn, M. Herring, 
L £r L Jung^rgang, S M L T. Kreuger, K. La,, J.-E. Lee, W. Lee,Y,E. Lee, 0,A. Le.ebvre, F. Leonard, ^Logan-Chesney. M,M. Materne, G. Matheson. 
R Mathevet M Medhch Leal, C. M.tchell, J Moffat, J. O'Keefe. A. Onabowale, A. Orlando, H. Papon P. Papon M. Pasquier J. Piuze Roy, Y. P.yale-Sheard. 
J Ross Hawkins, B. Russell, H. Sakama, M,R. Sanchez Sasso, C. Sinsky-Da Pon.e, A. Stalhngs. S, Stenason, A. Terry, D Terry, J. van Lessen, D. Wayne. 
C.-H. Weng, B. Wickens, A. Wiegandt Rohde 

T^ouod Square 

Hu S h Mulligan^ jOTJk _ 
onty Brinckman-Smith ,.■:•-.,. Si 


Mr. Richard Owen 
Round Square Coordinator 

Felix Gemehling 
Malina Kloepf 

er =r„„ ; 


. :• • 

J.J. Crawford 
Gap Student 




'.. V"*T- 



--.. MX 


Hugh Mulligan 
Elgin, Scotland 

Malina Kloepfer 
Schule Schloss Salem 
Uberlingen, Germany 

Felix Gemehling 
Schule Schloss Salem 
Uberlingen, Germany 

During my exchange I was fortunate enough to be 
able to visit one ol the maior cities nearby. Hamburg 
Although I wasn't able to travel all over Germany I 
was able to see small, but incredible, places, like a 
beach on the North Sea. I also was able to visit 
the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp which 
was an overwhelming experience Being in 
Germany allowed me to learn a new 
language and see a new culture This 
exchange helped me to be more 
■ . confident in myself, and I also met 

^ great friends along the way. 


Monty Brinkman-Smith 
Gordonstoun, Scotland 

Going to Scotland for an 
exchange was the most 
amazing thing I did this year. 
Leaving may have been one of 
the saddest things I have done 
because I left all the new friends 
I made and all the epenences I 
had. But I was so glad to have 
done this exchange. It was the 
experience of a lifetime. 

*Excbaog G5 




Megan Herring) 

.SSL ; ; 



■ , 

n rT'-'u n i si*" ,,„, 


wim'P-rMthunzi Ramphele 

•^ Sam Skelton 
yp .Xavier Lessard 

Sacha Mercier 

Alice Gregor Y^J 1 


Mthunzi Ramphele 
St. Stithians Boys' Collese 
Johannesburg, South Africa. 

Alice Gregor 

Scotch Oakburn College 

Kings Meadows, Tasmania 

Sam Skelton 

Mowbray College 
Melton Victoria, 

Sacha Mercier 
Scotch Oakburn Collese, Tasmania 

I was with two other exchange students 
Sharon Martin (my roommate) trom 
Australia and Max Rechberg from 
Germany. During my stay in India, I had 
the privilege of travelling around. I saw 
the Taj Mahal, Ghandis burial place, the 
Red Fort, India Gate, the Lotus temple 
and even the sights around Indore, like 
Lai Baag Palace. I also got to 
experience Diwali, also named the 
Megan Herring Festival of Light I got to see the diversity 

The Daly College, India of ,he lndian culture and coun,ry 

Xavier Lessard 
Mowbray College, Australia 

(^OUT^d Square fas-pan 5©-pt 2$ -Oct 2 
Conference Victoria. Oct 2 - 5 



Sachd Mercier and Odre Lefebvre, accompanied by Mrs. 
Kathy Rae, spent five magnificent days at a pre-conference 
excursion in Jasper National Park where we learned from, and 
explored with, the park rangers and other RS students. After a 
great week in the Rocky Mountains we traveled by train to 
Vancouver then bus and ferry to this year's Round Square 
Conference in Victoria, BC. on Vancouver Island. Megan 
Herring joined us there. 

The theme of the conference was Creating Sustainable 
Communities', which the representatives spent the week 
discussing along with about three hundred other students from 
Round Square schools around the world. Ideas were shared 
and plans created, and the group came back to BCS and has 
starting implementing these eco-friendly ideas into our school 

After seeing Megan off to India, and before our return home 
we took a day to see some of downtown Victoria and go on 
a four hour whale watching expedition where we saw whales, 
seals and sea lions. 



A-pril zd> - 2*7 

y ©an§ RoutsI Square 

©f the Africa* 

Toronto, Ontario 






Christopher Rae, (Cindy) Ye Eun Lee and Mr. Kirby Nadeau attended 
the YRSA conference held at Appleby Collese and Fern Hill School in 
Oakville, Ontario. It was a very informative conference with motivationa 
keynote speakers such as Michael Lee Chin, a very successful and 
philanthropic businessman, who funded the construction of the Roya 
Ontario Museum in Toronto, Craig Keilburger who is an accomplished 
:hild rights advocate, and leadership specialist. In addition, delegates 
led to entertainer-singer/songwriter Susan Aglukark, who gaye a 
notiv||onal speech on recognizing cultural diversity and encouraged 
:*yeryone to pursue their dreams. Throughout the conference,. activities 
:used on having delegates think about ways they could make, positive 
obal changes from environmental to human rights issues. 1 rrn Os*n 

Name: Jessica Barthe-Villeneuve 

Nickname(s): Jess. JessyPoo. S S, Chipmunk, Little 

boy. Steve. Photosynthesis. Big Baby, DJ Jess 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: La Ronde (Not getting the beaver 

tail). Making sandwiches. Going exploring, Getting 

ambushed. THE DOOR, getting attacked by Jack's 

new best friend the caterpillar (Dragon Mitts), the 

hurricane, the outer rim of space 

Favourite Quotes: It doesn't make sense 

Name: Gabi Bertrand 

Home Country: Bermuda 

Lasting Memories: The endless laughs The tears of 

sadness and happiness The unforgettable adventures. I 

couldn't have done it without my roomie TB, VH, AM. 

EH, SE. AG, I love you all Babe you helped me get 

through this year and we'll be able to get through another 

year together' I love you so much. 

Name: Jeremy Bethel 

Nickname(s): Amidalla, Hi-5 

Home Country: The Bahamas 

Activities: Wardens, Sf Rugby 

Ambition: Business 

Probable Destiny: The Bahamas 

Lasting Memories: There are wayyyyy too many I'll 

never forget THE CHRISTMAS DANCE, Eric lumping m 

the mud. Throwing the girls in the snow, It Doesn't Make 

Sense, and much, much more I'll always remember 

MJOB, T B , DCAT. MP.AGR Mom, Scruffla. Tito 

Favourite Quote: 

If you wouldn't be forgotten 

as soon as you're dead and rotten, 

either write things worth reading 

or do things worth the writing - Benjamin Franklin 

Name: Nicholas Bradley 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Band 

Lasting Memories: Wow. five years, that's a long time 1 

Name: Erie Boisvert 

Nickname(s): Lenky McLenx 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: My lasting memories of Bishop's is 

the food and the friends I have made I hope The Snabe 

and Sketchball have another great year with Mr Marino 

and bunch. 

Name: Tatyana Brin 
Nickname: tats, taty, taroumel 
Home country: St Barth 

Memories: After 5 years it's finally over 111 I've been 
happy and sad, I laughed and I cried, and m all those 
situations you guys were there for me. All of you who 
have been with me since second form. The people who 
can always make me smile. MP, FL. JL, VH. Tu vas me 
manquer mon dino. I don't regret anything that 
happened, that's what made those years so special. I will 
never forget how happy you made me, I thank you for 
being there for me, I love you and I'll miss you baby. 

Name: Rachel Brodeur 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: 

To my Glass Girls, what happens in the house shall stay in the 

house CAIS tournaments, especially rugby (bubble tea, the toilet. 

hotel sheets and our sexy rooms) Random convos in the Prelect 

room Working backstage History La Ronde It's symbolic. 

honestly Geoff (lake water is cold in the fall- I'm lucky I had you as a 

heater The conversations were unforgettable <3) I'm going to miss 

all the people leaving this year BCS |ust isn't going to be the same 

without you guys but I'll see the rest ol you next year for more great 

times xoxox 

Favourite Quotes: 

Sooner or later we all discover that the important moments in life are 

not the advertised ones, not the birthdays, the graduations, the 

weddings, not the great goals achieved The real milestones come 

to the door of memory unannounced, stray dogs that amble in. sniff 

around a bit and simply never leave -Susan B Anthony 

k d 

J V 

Name: Carlo Chee-A-Tow 

Nickname(s): white boy, silo 

Home Country: Bahamas (242) 

Activities involved in: Snowboarding, Adventure 

training. QM, HC, Life 

Ambition: live lite 

Probable Destiny: who cares 

Lasting Memories: Mt Ortord woods pushing it to the 

limit, cooking steaks at 2am, guitar hero & cod4, 

breaking my hand, cannibal corpse. Pulling a Romaine, 

snowboard lumps behind the gym, crabs, Germans Jobst 

& Felix Sugar bush woods, Valcartier, Owen. love. 

Favourite Quote: It's gonna hurt then it will feel good, 

pumpkin patch, |ust take it, life's iust a game, you think 

you're hard but really you're soft W P 

Name: Dylan Chee-A-Tow 

Nickname(s): Brandon, Chinatown, Chinaman 

Home Country: The Bahamas 

Activities: Co-Head Drummer, Stage Band Drummer, House 


Ambition: Musician 

Probable Destiny: something that involves drums 

Lasting Memories: Throwing girls in the snow, Math and History 

Classes. Chinese food, Winning Carnival, Chillen with the boys 

DT. PG, AS. SW. CCC, JV, NO, JT, JB, adding new people to the 

group Bugaloo 1 . Shopping in MTL, Costco, Busted ankles. Friday 

night soccer, PGA tours, BFFs Alex, Ski poles. Camping, Open 

Houses. Phil Collins songs, looking forward to doing il all again 

next year, Good luck to everyone 

Favourite Quote: "Research your own experiences for the truth 

Absorb what is useful Add what is specifically your own The 

creating individual, is more important than any style or system "- 

Bruce Lee 

Name: Yitong Dai 

Nickname(s): Er Yu 

Home Country: China 

Activities involved in Tuesday News, Inscape. 

Play, grad committee, choir 

Ambition: be a good artist 

Probable Destiny: live in the forest 

Lasting Memories: Mr Raa holds his coffee cups 

all the lime Mr MacDonald sits on the chair 

correcting Ms McGurk fall in sleep in Gillard sofa 

al 1 1 pm Mr Comeau working in the student 

centie Mr. Gilman puts the art works up on the 

bulletin board. 

And the wide sky and the colortul season 

Favourite Quote: lite is good 



Name: Duong Tuan Kiet 
Nickname(s): Zm Zin, Vietcong 
Home Country: Vietnam 
Activities: Choir, Dance Tutor 
Ambition: Architect 
Probable Destiny: Freestyle dancer 

Lasting Memories: First Smith house dance (OBear). Smith 
HOUSE! 1 -, Chillmgz Titans, Hockey (IHA'). Snow wrestling, 
Carnival, Freestyle bboy session, Dog Sledding Oh Snap'. 
Cinema night SoWhat happened?, Crazy VIA Rail accident on 
Christmas break Thanks J the Germ to be my roommate flol') 
This was an awesome year see y'all next year! 
Favourite Quote: It I could express mysett to you, I wouldn't have 
to dance 
Duong Tuan Kiet 

Name: Bntany Dupuis 

Nickname(s): Tiny, Britty 

Ambition: To succeed in all my dreams 

Lasting Memories: A life time ot lessons, An 

Unforgettable Exchange to South Africa 

(Alexa'J, a friends for life; Nic C, 

running to Odre's on the long waiting days of 

BCS, to eat and swim 1 . Goood foood 

And finally someone I hold dear to my heart and 

is like a brother to me throughout these years' 


Name: James Edgar 

Nickname(s): Captain Hook 

Home Country: England 

Activities: too much' 

Ambition: Does it look like I care 9 : P 

Probable Destiny: ANYTHING 

Lasting Memories: Mcnaughton! Boyyyzzz. House 

parties! SENIOR RUGBY' Gillard basement S.W A T. 

CC, JV, NO, SW, JT, last but by faaar not least CSD! 

Thanx for the memories ladies and gentlemen. 

Favourite Quote: CSD: but Mr. 


SW: ack tuff!!!; VR: BU Rugby"; Me: squidgeyness, 

CSD It was soo your fault! 

Name: Sarrah Ewtng 

Nickname(s): Beast, Boogaloo Shrimp, Sean, 

Rastasean & Missy 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: too much lol 

Ambition: Become a well known horseback rider 

Probable Destiny: riding some place 

Lasting Memories: CC 08" 

Another year done, one left to go" Wow it's gone fast 

I'm going to miss everybody that's not coming back It's 

been a great year Luv u all! -xox 

Favourite Quote: I've got my flippy floppies' 

, JC, 

Name: Patrick Gunn 
Nickname(s): Pat. Roomy 
Home Country: India, Canada 
asting Memories: Chilling with DCAT, CCAT, SW, DT, 
NO. Late nights in Chapman, the Bank Job(VR, MT, 
JM) . Winning Carnival and CAIS CCHHHinllliinngg 
Favourite Quote: Whatever you do will be insignificant. 
but it is very important that you do it Mahatma Gandhi 

Name: Aline Eluere 

Home Country: Cambodia 

Activities: Soccer, hockey, tennis, student librarian, NCO. HC. 


Ambition; A nice job, a quiet house in the middle of nowhere 

and a couple ot Nobel prizes 

Probable Destiny: Overworked by accident (but I just had to 

do this, and this, and that, and yeah, maybe that too) 

Lasting Memories: The last twenty-seven seconds ot that 

hockey game E Company, form up Cmon guys, form up HEY 

PEOPLE, FORM UP' The bazillion writing contests Late night 

gaming. Dog sledding and rafting Photosynthesis and the 

grasshopper SCIENCE 

P.S: A Word About The Makeover Situation: You;0 Me,1 

Favourite Quote: Probably the last sound heard before the 

Universe folded up like a paper hat would be someone saying, 

'What happens if I do this 9 ' -Terry Pratchett 

Name: Alexandra Gelinas Roy 

Nickname(s): Bebe and Alex 

Home Country: CANADA' 

Activities: CC08. House Captain, Wardens, DHC. Aids committee 

Ambition: Travel all around the globe. Be successful in everything I 


Probable Destiny In Europe. Spa Management 

Lasting Memories: Taty and Stella remember we are the three 

musketeers standing on a tree trunk! Sarrah' ROOMATES for ever' 

Manlou aka Cactus all these bathroom talks will stay with me ,) 

Chamy tes ma tete doeuf pour toujours' And most importantly 

thanks to all my friends for making this year so special to me. We all 

need to keep in touch no matter what alright! 9 Mom and Dad thanks 

for being such amazing parents' Caro and Kaia thanks for being part 

of my life' Charles I Love you, there are no words to describe how 

happy I am to have met you 

Favourite Quote: The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in 

return - Moulin Rouge 

Name: Evan Price Hallward 

Nickname(s): Ninja 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: CC08, House Captain, Warden, DHC, NCO, 

Student Life 

Ambition: I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was 

Probable Destiny: Prime Minister and/or Hitman 

Lasting Memories: F4 Art w/ Vashti (oldest memory ), 

iPods w/ OOCat, History/DH with JRoss, Online w/ 

Chai&Alme&Sam&Jobst. Operation BSM w/ Jack, Running 

vs Aaron. K-Town moments with Ewings, Eco class w/ 

Gabi. Anglais avec Manlou, Grad with Taty?, Chisago with 

Alex, Roommate w/ Julian, Uphill cross-city walk w/ Stella, 

Rez times with the Men of McNaughton, Carnivals. Tall 

Ships, and Lennoxvegas 

Favourite Quote: That which does not kill us makes us 

stronger Fnednch Nietzsche 

Name: Jennifer Harding 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: SWIMMING. Round Square. Band, 

Inscape, public speaking, Model UN. Wardens, 

Tuesday News, Librarian, Usher 

Ambition: To be employed 

Lasting Memories: Early morning training, India, 

Tall ships, Vimy trip, Round Square conferences, 

meeting people around the world, Math class with 

Albert and sports. Thank you to all the people who 

have supported me throughout my time here' 

Name: Minsung Hong 

Nickname(s): Minsi, Quatre-Yeux, Birdie, ms. Hong, Honggi, 

Home Country: South Korea 

Ambition: Health for me. my family, and all my friends at all 

times Be successful in the area that I decide to. Get married 

with a woman who I will love with all my heart 

Probable Destiny: MIT (Massachusetts Institute of 


Lasting Memories: This year was amazin-" Getting into the 

gold division in Soccer CAIS for the first time in BCS History!! 

Winning Silver in Senior Rugby!' Thanks to all my friends who 

were there for me, encouraging me, and cheering me up 

whenever l needed them. Hugo, Aziz, Samuel, Paule. and my 

Arabic families, My Asian family-Park, Ota, Zm, Wang, Romain 

and Louie I'll never forget all the tun times I had with you guys. 

The 6th form McNaughton Bros, Miguel And finally Jeong, 

Thank you so much for everything you have done for me It 

would have been very hard without you. You are the best thing 

that happened to me Thank you, I love you. 


Name: ll-chang Kwon 
Home Country: South Korea 
Lasting Memories: This year all I did was 
working then I learned that anything is not 
more important than relationship between 
people I teel like I've been here for 1 
month I don't have anything right now, but 
now I want to have tun and I will I won't 
lose me and people who gave warm 
interest on me I changed me and world 
changed at the same time 

Name: Odre Alexandra Letebvre 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: I'll miss those calm 

relaxing days in art class, the cultural 

onslaught of flavors and colors the creates 

India, the crazy rush of trying to finish 

Inscape, pointless weekends spent reading 

fanfic with Britany, and all those excessive 

hours playing hockey 

Oh. and- Maman. Papa, Sacha. ie vous aime 


Name: Alma Mam 

Home Country: Dubai 

Lasting Memories: 

My first year at BCS has been an adventurous one I 

honestly cannot believe how fast it went In such a short 

amount of time. I feel like I have a lifetime of memories. 

from breaking my knee to the crazy Breaks in Montreal I 

want to thank my roommate, Leonie, for making this 

place ten times better for me 1 There are too many 

memories to write down and many more to come I'm 

going to miss you next year 1 Don't ever forget me I 

would also like to thank Arnaud tor always being there 

for me and making this year much easier for me Thanks 

and good luck to everyone else here 1 

Favorite Quote: 

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned 

about life It goes on 

- Robert Frost 

Name: Remain Mathevet 

Home Country: St Barts 

Ambition: Become Asian 

Favourite Quote: Simplicity is the ultimate 


Leonardo Da Vinci 

Thank you all Good luck to those leaving and for those 

reluming, see you next year 

Name: Jeong Eun Lee 
Nickname(s): Shorty, Shortness. Jeong Jeong. dirty Korean, devil. 

cookie monster 

Home Country: South Korea 

Activities: Warden, choir, student librarian, cadet 

Ambition: I want to get in Parsons School of Design" 

Lasting Memories: First of all, I would like to thank everyone, who 

spent a whole year with me in BCS Well, compared to my lite back in 

Korea, there were a lot of things happened to me during this year And 

no matter what those memories were good or not, I am sure they have 

helped me to become more mature, and see through the world in 

positive way In the beginning of this year was quite difficult for me to 

deal with all the new circumstances (different languages, friends, 

cultures, and strict school rules, sharing room) But as time went by. I 

learned how to stand by myself to get through all the difficulties, and 

now I feel so great and proud of myself Oh. and I had to admit that 

our school cookies are the best"' Even though I gained over 10kg 

from eating those cookies. I will never regret' 

Name: Fintan Leonard 

Nickname(s): Finn O'Leonard. Fin, Rocks 

Home Country: Mama Africa 

Probable Destiny: Montreal/New York 

Lasting Memories: No need for shout outs you all 

know what's up Fallen Soldiers. MJOB. 12/A G , 

Nam, the bench, Xmas presents, doin hours haha. 

teefin, throwing girls in the snow, SNOWBALL 

SEVEN, freros, adventuring and doin missions, 

Provigo runs, ye digggg, all that went down knawm 

sayinnnnnnnnnn I'm out Ez! 

Favourite Quote: Image is everything and talk is 


Name: Mane Malene Materne 

Nickname(s): Leni 

Home Country: Germany 

Activities: School plays. Choir. Aids Awareness. Dining 

Hall Committee, Student Librarian. Sr Girls Rugby, 

Lasting Memories I will never ever forget this school 

year Thanks to all the people who made this year so 

special Jeong you are an amazing roommate' Love 

you! To all the others, I hope we keep in touch Being 

involved in so many activities after school was stressful 

but really worth it 1 Living in a Boarding School was a 

great experience and helped me to get more mature and 

independent Now I know if I really want to do something 

I am able to do so 

Favourite Quote: 

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly What is 

essential is invisible to the eye. 

•Le petit prince- 

Name: Jack Moffat 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: Running up the mountain on 

mountain day 

Favourite Quote: Mr Pollock Who didn't close 

the trunk ? 

J V 

Name: Aaron Morrow 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: The smiles, the laughs, the tears, 

the wins, the losses, new friends, new firsts, our 

secrets, and a lifetime of friendships. Thank you and 

goodbye to all not returning, and lo those who are, let 

the memories continue 

Favourite Quote: It's not what you do, bul the way 

you do il that defines who you are. 

Name: Ryota Mukawa 

Nickname(s): Ota, Sneaky. Chinoia" 

Home Country: Japan 

Activities: Dining Hall Committee. Senior Band, Choir, 

House Captain 

Ambition: Become a white person 

Lasting Memories: Mini World Cup (Team Asia 11 ) 

Favourite Quote: 

II you don't know where you are going, any road will gel 

you there Lewis Carroll 


Name: Stella Ndizeye 

Nickname(s): Stella-Bella. Estrella. Stella for Star 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: NCO, House Captain, Pub Night host, 

Student Life Committee 

Probable Destiny: Planning Hollywood parties 1 

Lasting Memories: Lucky Charms in a water bottle 

COOKIES and everyone that ate them with me. 

Graveyard The trio from the start Crazy times with my 

Giliard girls 1 Mexicanos 1 Los voy a extranar demasiado! 

Roomie te amo 1 O hsta soyyyy cabron'jaja I will always 

remember everyone that made these 5 years worthwhile 

My twin especially. Thank you so muchi Love you all! 

Favourite Quote: If you cant handle me at my worst, 

you dont deserve me at my best 

Name: Julian Okeefe 

Nickname(s): Julz 

Home Country: St Barths 

Activities: Wardens, Dining Hall Committee, Mc 

Naughton House Captain, Yearbook Committee 

Probable Destiny: Architect and/or journalist 

Lasting Memories: My roommate, squash with iack, 

Uster Von Blutten Flugen, my physics/math partner, 

lights out in Mc Naughton, Mr Owen, Chapis, Isa, 

Regis, Mer, Pau. UZZI, rafting, OWEN HOUSE' Crazy 

bob (yes. you are crazy), Giter done, Miss America 

(you know who you are). 

Favourite Quote: Shoot for the moon Even if you 

miss, you'll land among the stars -Les Brown 


Name: Nick Olender 

Nickname(s): Sunshine, Tropicalnick, Dick 

Home Country: The Greatest Country on Earth (United 

States of America) 

Lasting Memories: -Rafting trip Pirating - Getting 

turned down at Costco because I am not my father, nor 

is his card valid - Epic marker battle - Falling off the 

handlebars (and watching Truckle get folded into the 

road) because Truckle cant steer a bike - Mr Owen - 

Trying to catch a shattered exit light and cutting my 

finger - River days 

Favourite Quote: 

Wow- Twang; Alright- Mr Owen, Tuck in the sack, 

Squat- Carlo 

Name: Pierre Papon 

Nickname(s): Pie ,P, Mr.P 

Home Country: France 

Activities: Robotics, Proxy supplier, Squash Team, 

Ultimate freeze team 

Ambition: Programmer 

Probable Destiny: I will own an electronic shop in 

NewYork and display crazy prices for tourists to buy 

Lasting Memories: All the fun we had during the year 

with my friends, including ordering pizza at 1am and 

staying up all night dunng week days with my fellow 

Brian. I'll always remember the New-York trip we had 

with Bn and all the crazy stuff that happened there 1 I 

wish I had good memories about Alex aka Meeka but the 

fact that he plays RuneScape 24/7 ruins it all 1 All the 

other things I'd like to write but I'd probably be chased for 

if I did! 

Favourite Quote: 

What is this? Slavery'; Take this you stupid bike! 

Name: Marilou Pasquier 

Home Country: France 

Lasting Memories: Laugh now, cry later 

Contente den sortir, mais tnste de partir On sait quels 

amis resteront, pour le reste, bye, have fun. Love & 

Won t forget all of you. 

xx Man-choux/pou/nous/cou/etc, la pomme a tattss, ( 

Marlou aussi, PS: jaurrai fait quoi sans toi? ) Cactus 

Minus Ratus "Censurus x2', Manwolfe, Pnncesse 

Marifou ( Kleenex & corpse for someone wayyy to white 

to talk) and SE-XAIII 1 (Et Joules je taiinime! ) 

Name: Amy Orlando 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Adventure Training, Aids Awareness. Rugby. 


Favourite Quote: Life is truly a ride. We're all strapped 

in. and no one can stop it. As you make each passage 

from youth to adulthood to maturity, sometimes you put 

your arms up and just scream, sometimes you just hang 

onto the bar in front of you But the ride is the thing I 

think the most you can hope for at the end of this life is 

that your hair's messed, you're out of breath and you 

didn't throw up - Jerry Seinfeld - 

Name: Cheul-Soo Park 

Nickname(s): Ryder 

Home Country: South Korea 

Activities: Soccer. Hockey, Rugby, DHC. Choir, Stage 

Band, Senior Band, and Librarian 

Ambition: Conquer the universe 

Probable Destiny: To become a famous fund manager 

Lasting Memories: CA1S Rugby tournament, Rugby 

finals against SC, International World Cup. some 

Fun/Chilling/Happy/Good time with Smith Fam; OTA, 

ADD, VIETCONG, April/May break in Mmwongs house 

and Thx for Pepperoni Nipple to be my nicest roommate 

for 2 years 1 It was a GREAT year and I cant wait till next 


I luv u all 1 Especially U, Jodi 

Favourite Quote: 

Impossible is a word to be found only in the dictionary of 

fools. -Napoleon- 

Name: Yasemm Piyale-Sheard 

Nickname(s): Yas, Yazzy, Turkish Blonde, Piyale 

Home Country: Canada (But Im Turkish ) 

Activities: Alto Sax, Student Life Committee, Wardens 

Probable Destiny: Something involving business, and travelling! 

Lasting Memories: Annoying people with the 2-3 incomplete songs I 

know on the piano. Jumping over the bags in Ross house to make it to 

Chapel on time. Fainting in the Colour Party dress rehearsal two years 

in a row! Dog sledding with the Asians, and crashing little Mexicans 

into trees while face-planting behind the sled and running after dogs! 

Being the only girl in an uncensored, no-filter music class, with ADD 

people like Romain, Dylan, Ryola, Ryder, etc and throwing binders at 

Mmsungs face p (Haha 1 ) Math Class Chilling at Chapman Mostly little 

outbursts of randomness here and there, which are what made up my 

5 years at BCS 1 

Favourite Quote: When life gives you lemons Bust out the tequila and 

salt i 

Name: Nathaniel Rae 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Senior Band, Stage Band 

Ambition: Industrial Designer 

Probable Destiny: Umm See ambition? 

Lasting Memories: OH! Look at me, I'm 

BRIAN!, Climbing; Dont drop the third grader. 

Brains are impossible to get out of the 

hardwood. I just lost the game. 

Favourite Quote: 

The things you own end up owning you - Tyler 


Imagination is more important than knowledge. 

For knowledge is limited to all we now know 

and understand, while imagination embraces 

the entire world, and all there ever will be to 

know and understand. - Albert Einstein 

You don't need a calculator. - Albert 


Name: Jessica Ross-Howkins 

Nickname(s): Jess, rossyhowkins <3 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Theater, House Captain. AIDS Awareness, 

NCO, Wardens, DHC 

Ambition: To become a photogenic doctor for the military 

Probable Destiny: Sailing somewhere, probably doing circles 

around the Bahamas 111 

Lasting Memories: Sarrah and Alex, I don't know what I would 

have done without you 2, you guys didn't just make my abs stronger' 

SuzyQ: Im going to miss you babes, not to mention your clothes. 

Have fun at University, I know you will, xo Rachel: My darling 

roommate, silence is golden Jenny, Pauline, Mayowa. Ma cousine. 

Claire, MS My big sisters who I will always look up 1o DON'T GO 1 

Jobby Tea time? Come back and visit' Stella. Wheres my vail? 

Evan. Our bike ride to Lenn sums it up. Aaron: Webster scholars all 

the way Jack: I'm signing you up for adoption. Chem class: Dont 

look under the table. 
Favourite Quote We do the things we have to, to do things we want 

to do. 


Name: Stephanie Saint-Pierre Bernier 
Nickname(s): Steph - Stefty 
Home Country: QUEBEC, Canada 
Lasting Memories: 

Thanks to TS for making this the most hilarious and 
thanks to PL for being there tor me 1 

Name: Hugo Saurel 

Nickname(s): Hugain 

Home Country: St Barth 

Lasting Memories: I first want to thank Sofia for all you did 

for me, you were so great and you changed me in a better 

person that I wouldnt have been able to be without you Te 

Amo Muchisimo mi amor, you mean everything to me Love 

you and always will 

I would like to thank my parents for making it possible for me, 

without them I would have never been able to come here A 

big thanks to Mr Marino, for being like my second (dad) And 

finally thanks to all my friends Babas. xav, vasko, eloy, 

Simon, Seb. Joon, 4 yeux, taty 

Favorite Quote: If I was to choose between loving you. and 

breathing I would use my last breath to say I LOVE YOU 

Name: Abel Yoseph Sebhatu 

Nickname(s): Franklin, Turtle, yoda, gremlin, lady bug, 

Snabe, Splabe 

Home Country: Canada/Eritrea 

Activities: Sr Boys Soccer, Snowboardmg, Golf 

Ambition: Music Production 

Probable Destiny: North America (Canada or US) 

Lasting Memories: A shout-out to all the guys in Owen 

House (formerly known as McNaughton) 1 I wouldn't have 

made it through the year if it weren't for how fun being in 

this house was Mr Pollock you may have won the 

movie, but you didn't win the war The Steve 1 One word, 

Hero 1 lol High-5 1 La Ronde" It was a day of epic 

proportions and Jeong, thanks for the gimbob lol and to 

so many others, thanks for all the memories' 

Favourite Quotes I'm on the outer rim of space jus 


Name: David Stenason 
Nickname(s): Dangerous Dave. Pipes man. Wavy 


Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Rugby, Hockey, Football, Band 

Ambition: To work with cars 

Probable Destiny: Go into humanities and get an 

average |ob 

Lasting Memories: Winning the ETIAC rugby 

championship Hanging with my Billet on the Rugby 

tour St Patricks Day on the Rugby tour Vasken, just in 

general Pulling all nighters The trip to LaRonde 

Jesss party, and my stay at the Harringtons 

Favourite Quote Come here Mica 1 (Brian Harrington, 

and Pierre Papon) 

Name: Felix Taschereau 

Nickname(s): Tasche-Reau, Stanley, felix the cat/ el 

gato. King Kahaki 

Home Country Canada 

Activities: Hockey, Golf, Drumlme 

Ambition: Real - Estate 

Probable Destiny: ending up in the Caribbean retiring at 

the age of 28 wit stacks a paypa 

Lasting Memories: mt) big time, mcnoughlon minis and 

steak, thx to silo, bird, romyrome, taschereau. curtis, hot 

coffee, chi-tao, sexy diamond, papi (tutu) haha 
xavieres. arabs, thanks to my coaches in sports and life 
(dehsle, Randy our fearless leader) good times (05-09) 

Peace. one 
Favourite Quote Good one JORD" We ga smalies 

bapes 1 

Name: Catherine M Smsky-Da Ponte 

Nickname(s): Miss Hollywood. Littlest Warden, Malibu 

Barbie. Keisha, Bionic Woman, and Little Man 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Most of 'em. 

Ambition: Billionaire's Wife 

Probable Destiny: Actually having a job 

Lasting Memories: Crutches. Morning missions, 

T.G.I.S, Bread on the wall, Discovery Channel, Kicked 

out again, We know all the answers. Omg it's the phone 

it's the phone. Procrastination to the max, JE<3 

Name: Yu- husan Su 
Nickname(s): Amy 
Home Country: Taiwan 

Name: Miguel Teran 
Home Country: Mexico 
Lasting Memories: 

3 anos en BCS suena mucho para los mexicanos, pero 
no saben como los he distrutado Gracias a todos los 
mexicanos y mexicanas que han hecho estos anos 
molvidables, chapman smith boys nunk los voy a olvidar. 
G,GE,EB,FM.XL.HS,LJ,TB (babatsl, korean family 
MS.JJ y el italiano, VB.mi roomie, DT, y todos mis 
amigos no crean q me olvido de todos ustedes 
(canadiens/qcas). Football Rugby Tour con Catso. 
Gabi muchas gracias por todos esos momentos q 
pasamos |untos nunk los voy a olvidar, gracias por estar 
siempre |unto a mi y hacerme reir aunq no este feliz. 
eres lo q siempre he quendo. te recordare por siempre, 
suerte y dtviertele en Europa, Te Amo' 
Y para terminar gracias ma y papa, por todo el apoyo, y 
por haber hecho estos 3 anos posibles 1 

Name: Dustm Terry 
Nickname(s): Duslpan. Curtis 
Home Country: United States (a real counlry) 
Activities: Football, Basketball, Rugby 
Lasting Memories: Where to start? So many things 
have happened this year From crazy classes in math 
and going primetime in eco, throwing girls in the snow, 
Flag burning ceremonies, mini world cup(TEAM USA) 
and battles ol epic proportions, and of course the rugby 
tour, and good basketball and rugby seasons Special 
shout out to the Tn-Force. wouldnt have survived this 
year without you guys To all my MCN brothers, 
especially my roomrnate/fellow American, Sam. Carlo. 
Jobst, Miction, Xav, Fer, Joon. Mon Frere thanks for all 
the crazy and tun memories Owen House 11 Peace and 
luv to my III sis To Sammy, thanks for a good way to end 
the year Shout out to dumb and dumber, mjob. Pat. 
Sarrah, My Broom, my best friend, Stanley, Michelle. 
Comeau, Cam, Vasken, Teal, JJ, and if I forgot you sorry 
but u know who u r that helped made my last year a 
great one 


Name: James Truckle 

Nickname(s): Truckle, Truck-Stick. Trucks 

Home Country: The Great Country of the United States of 

Activities: Soccer, Snowboardmg, Swimming, Tennis, 

other stuff 

Ambition: Living the American dream 

Probable Destiny: I hope I tind out soon 

Lasting Memories: McNaughton 08-09. room parties, 

pnating it up on ratting, Inking in a monsoon, snowboardmg 

in the woods, cheating death with the most epic bike crash 

ever, fight nights, lighting with Jobst, chemistry class, rap 

battles, chilling by the river, CC. SW. NO. JV we made the 

year the best we could see you all next yeai 

Favourite Quote: Do it you. do it you -Nick 

Slop man )usl stop Carlo, Pull-up The cool kids 

You took it too far man Jobst; 

You all right boys Mr. Owen 


Name: Chat Tzola 

Nickname(s): Shiny. Penny collector 

Home Country: France. Vietnam, Denmark 

Activities: hummm Does ordering pizza during the week count' 

Ambition: Jewelry designer and to try to survive BCS 

Probable Destiny: How am I supposed to know that?!'' 

Lasting Memories: I will probably miss Hugos scream when 

Marino would run alter him and Xavier trying to be beast, Dustin 

listening to his horrible music I will never forget Jobst saying Im 

going to the willage or being so hard pushing Fernando (who 

sleeps 14 hours a day) and then getting on the tloor saying I 

taped Out you win I swear you win. I will certainly not lorget my 

favorite Whale that does have a Huge tail Only good memories 

last for ever 

Favourite Quote: 

II y a des gens qui. a propos de certains problemes, font preuve 

d'une grande tolerance C'est souvent parce qu'ils s'en foutent 

(M. Twain) 

Name: Jobst van Lessen 

Nickname(s): Jobi. Taschereau, Mowgli 

Home Country: Germany 

Activities: House Captain, Warden. Choir, in Dining Hall for 

halt a year then I left even though Evan thinks he kicked me 

Probable Destiny: Winner of the Heisman Trophy 

Lasting Memories: Moving a table through the woods. Mc 

Naughton nights. Bonfires, going to Liverpool, biking to North 

Hatley, Tall Ships . -40 C, Weird Smells, hunting with Mr. 

Keith, You got Smarties Babes 7 . Fruitopia 1 . Proooobaaably. 

BOY!, Put that away as long as I am in the room 

Thanks to: Mr. Owen who was a great Houseparent 

Goodbye to: my roommate Sam, to Carlo. Nick and Truckle, 

to mon Taschereau to Caribou, to Jess, to Leonie, and to 


Favorite Quote: Is there a better way to go trough life than 

with humor and love?- Charles Dickens 

Name: Peter Wang 

Nickname(s): mulan, asian, wanger 

Home Country: Taiwan 

Activities: Senior boys basketball, House Captain, 

Warden, Senior Band, 

Lasting Memories: walking on the Chapman path to 

school with some fresh air in the morning, thx for lots 

of ppl for giving me a pretty good year cuz if I say 

good ppl would know that I am lying. .too many ppl to 

name for memories actually not really .lol.too many 

memories to write about so the best thing is not to 

write about themhehe 

Favourite Quote: yo stop — so young!!! Go on yo 

kneedont touch me, you r so funny!!! ah, good one 

Name: Ching-Ho (Tom) Weng 

Nickname(s): T-Weng 

Home Country: Taiwan 

Lasting Memories: Cool residence life forever, best 

hallway ever And 1 miss Mr Owen. 

Favorite Quote: Wow- 


\ -: f 








Name: Timothy Sam Wrinkle 
Nickname(s): RomeyRom 
Home Country: Bahamas '242' 
Activities: Sr. Soccer. Sr. Rugby. Mini World Cup. 
Rafting Trip 09. 

Ambition: Work Hard, Play Hard. Be Happy 
Probable Destiny: Sitting on a beach, somewhere in the 
Bahamas, with her. 

Lasting Memories: Pushing wood through woods. Epic marker 
fights in McN. Jobst is wasted"!. Late night parties in McN 
Bonfires. Hot days by the river, Weird smells, Put that away when 
Im in the room, Hunting with Mr. Keith, Hiding in the snow with 
Dustin, Running from the po during snowball raids. Trying to keep 
up with Carlo & Truckle snowboarding what a |oke' Val Cartier 
haha, chachi girls. And many more Jobst, next summer babyi 
And Mr. Owens. . . the boss. Jv.Cc.No.JtDt.Ft.Pg.Dc we 
rocked it 

Favourite Quote: If you want a guarantee, buy a toaster Clint 


Name: Sophie Arseneault-Drapeau 
Home Country: South Africa 
Lasting Memories: Four years passed by at this 
school and it still feels like I have been here for 10' 
JAJA I would like to thank Nath for ALWAYS being 
there for me and for being the best HP EVEERRR. 
Mrs Carey thanks for being patient with me and also 
having me in your English class for 3 out of my 4 
years A big thanks for everyone that was there for me 
and didn't give up Also I am grateful for having Paige 
and Nia as roommates (almost) Thanks to everyone 
else that couldn't have made this any better, especially 
to JT, PM, ERR. M-S and to other girls in the past. 
And Brandon I love you, hope we go to the same place 
next year <3<3<3 

Name: Deanza L Bowrin 
Nickname(s): Dea. Black Mamba, B Lady. Mother Darkness, 

Mama D 

Home Country: St Kitts and Nevis 

Activities: Student Librarian, Amnesty. Choir, Players Club, 

Inscape, and Round Square 

Ambition: Take over every island one day at a time 

Probable Destiny: A Human Rights Lawyer 

Lasting Memories: Well it has been an amazing year, and one 

that I will never forget. I want to thank all of 7th form for making 

this year the best. Weekends in Lenn were never boring; we 

always managed to make it fun on Saturday at Tim Hortons The 

Crazy Coffee Crew for those 4AM nights, when homework 

became all we could think about. Team BYW, uniting the races of 

the world Everyone in Glass House for being great Alex, Drea, 

Kayla. and Ella; I will miss you all so much; you all are truly 

beautiful. I hope you stay that way. G-Finch for being the best 

mentor that I could ever have, Julie for being a substitute mom. 

and for putting up with my disastrous room every week BCS in 

general, for making 2008-09 truly memorable. I will miss it all. 

Name: Ryan Comeau 

Nickname(s): Comeau. Ry Ry 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities Football, Basketball, Rugby, Band 

Lasting Memories: Every music class, discussions 

with Mr Maxwell and Cameron over supper, many late 

nights in Lenn. breaks in Montreal, rugby tour in 

Ireland and Wales, and everything else that has made 

five years at this school worthwhile To all my friends, 

you have made these past 5 years amazing, don't 

know what I would've done without you guys And to 

the most important person, thanks for making my last 

year the most memorable one of all. I love you 

Favourite Quote: "It is good to have an end to 

journey towards but it is the journey that matters in the 

end " •• Le Gum 

Name: Mario Dao 

Nickname(s): Zario. Buddha. Intorma 
Home Country: Venezuela 
Lasting Memories: The High 5. La Ronde with 
Jess, Rugby Tour, Stickfights, Football 
seasons, Leoni in the mud, cam always happy, 
Art class, Geo Class, Wait what?... That doesn't 
even make sense Skeebo. Oh No Abes naked 
Lenky. tai, Tai, TAW Twin and all the other great 
times I've had here throughout the 4 years. I'm 
glad it's over but I know I'll miss it. Thanks to 
everyone who's helped me in any way 
throughout these 4 years. 
Favorite Quote: The only man who never 
makes a mistake is the man who never does 
anything - Theodore Roosevelt 

Name: Pauline Faure 

Home Country: France 

Probable Destiny: Get stuck on a boat in the middle of the 

ocean (or anywhere else) on a research project and still be 

embracing the beauty of nature with some dance moves 

Lasting Memories: 

The people who filled my last year with wonderful memories 

Dea. Vicky. Morgan, MS. Stella. Julian. Chai, Aaron, Geoff, 

Rachel, Cam, Teal, Dylan, Suz. Jasooon, Brandon, Jason M, 

Ryan Claire, Maymay. Hota (mon petit bebe japonais faces, 

laughter, loud, and love'). Jenny (Onni I love you babe, forever 

and ever laughter, tears, forgiveness, understanding, caring) I 

luv u all and will miss u' Good luck 1 Mme Forest (maman 

adoptive 1 ), G-finch, Mr Rae, Leger (Thnx dear mentor hobbit 1 ), 

Julie Thanks 1 

Glass girls, late hours at the theatre, oh, that's deep, pq te 

moche 9 . Prefect camp (abele 1 and Chicago), coffee/party 

nights, breaks in Mtl, BBQ at Teals, WE at Cams (bonding 

moments), and GRAD and much more 1 

This isn't a good bye, because I will see you all again' I'll miss 

u But I'll leave you with these words: thank you for everything 

and every moment spent together I love you all 

Favourite Quote: 

Memories are the most precious treasures you can possess 

Name: Hao Fu 
Nicknames: A.J 
Home country: Taiwan 
Ambition: To work as hard as I can, to 
achieve as far as I could 
Lasting Memories: The comfy Gner North 
Favorite Quote: It's my fate to be in 
between: Heaven and Earth. When we resist 
our fate, we suffer, when we accept it. we are 
happy. We have time in abundance in eternity 
to repeat our mistakes but we only need once 
to correct our mistake and the last we heard 
the song of enlightenment which we can 
break the chain of revenge forever in your 
heart you can hear now 
It's the song that has been singing since the 
moment of your birth If the monks are right 
and nothing happens without cause then 
giving us suffering is to push us closer to the 
God; to teach us to be strong when we are 
weak, to be brave when we are weak, to be 
wise in the mist of confusion, and to let go 
when we can no longer hold Lasting victory 
is won in the heart, not on this land. 
Movie • Heaven and Earth 

Name: Brian Harrington 

Nickname(s): Bn, Zero 

Home Country: USA 

Activities involved in: Life 

Ambition: Don't know yel 

Probable Destiny: working in a cubical till I go insane 

Lasting Memories: NYC Trip 09, Creative Writing, 


Favourite Quote: Read my books for quotes 

Name: Teal William Kreuger 

Home Country: Nunavut, Canada 

Activities: Senior Soccer, Senior Hockey. Senior 

Rugby. Amnesty Group, Players Club. Interior 


Ambition: To make my world look more like a cartoon 

Probable Destiny: Homeless, but still with Cameron 

Lasting Memories: I'll always remember that my 

name is a colour, baking cakes, Cameron and his 

moon, motion sickness. Thursdays, stacking paper to 

the ceiling and writing a book about it with Brandon, 

spoons, clown costumes that were too tight, cookies, 

Montreal and Montreal again and again'. Mat beating 

dice, awesome possums, back to back and black up, 

my respect lor Geolt, like my respect for someone who 

can fit three billiard balls in their mouth, cawk, Mr 

Dutton breaking my rugby dreams, big hearts, nights 

that ended too soon and those not soon enough, all 

my new friends, and a year I won't soon forget! 

Favourite Quote: Today you are You, that is truer 

than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than 

You. Dr Seuss 

Name: Mayowa Olusola 
Nicknamefs): May-May, Africa 
Home Country: Nigeria 

Activities: Amnesty International, AIDS Awareness. Plays 11 
Probable Destiny: Fashion Stylist/Magazine Editor 
Lasting Memories: I will never forget all the pkes LS and MB 
you troublesome two King & Shayne & wntin to know where I got 
my hips from Ms V & her lucky knees or my lucky hands, 
probability=1 lol.G-Finch my mentor who kept strong even when I 
started to catch VRs (Fee) ADD Soc class was gr8, sorry Ms 
Nelson for the noise, we were having 2 much fun' Paige and 
Mastalir (part time student), it seems that we survived without the 
3rd musketeer, <3 u guys 4ever Late nights in Glass studying 
DB, SS, MSM, JS.PF, MM, HS Softball 09 we tried! Mr Rae 
thanks 4 everything, I will put u on my IMDB page 1 day. Vashti 
stay strong nxt year and make me proud baby Brandon, thanks 
for making your house a second home to me & the workouts I 
love it. Race you to Hollywood' What r we goin 2 do with our lives 
Morgan 9 Move in together and never b apart lol I wonder how 
many chicken wings we've eaten at Sebbys this year? DITY(Lol) 

Name: Xavier Labouene 

Nicknamefs): Xav 

Home Country: France 

Lasting Memories: Soccer CAIS, Rugby 

CAIS, Rugby 7s champion 

Favourite Quote: Kebec 

Name: Arnaud Mathieu 

Home Country: Quebec 

Probable Destiny: Ft GrandPnx World Champion 1 

Lasting Memories: 

Six years have passed already, hard to believe when I 

think about it. So much has happened and I will never 

forget any of it. I've had my share of craziness here; I mean 

all the shenanigans we've done: Night raids, picnic tables 

in the middle of the river, feeding the tree, Saturday nights, 

514 math class, all those weekends and breaks in 

Montreal, figuring out that 18 can fit in a single car and the 

list goes on I just want to thank all my friends who have 

been there for me and made my stay here unforgettable, I 

also want to thank Alyna my girlfriend for making my last 

year here the best. Even though our love might be 

impossible for the upcoming year, she will have a special 

place in my heart for ever. I'll end this by saying goodbye 

and good luck to everyone. 

Favorite Quotes: 

I live my life a quarter mile at a time. For those ten seconds 

or so least I'm free' Nothing else matters Vin Diesel 

■ -,-.^ j, ' : 

1 1 

Name: Brandon Lau 

Nicknamefs): Hamster, Rabies. Skeebo 

Home Country: Canada 

Ambition: Go Green 

Probable Destiny: Own my own Green 


Lasting Memories: MJOB, The Crew 

(Bimbo, Lenky, Turtle, Queen Amadala, 

Rocks. Buddha, Tito, Scruffla. Silent S), 

The Bench. Long walks on Gillard path. 

Vietnam, stick fights, If you want game, 

long walks in Lennoxville up hilt, Falling in 

ditches. Joon's House, The Informa, 

Swimming in the river 

Favorite Quote: During your life, never 

stop dreaming No one can take away your 

dreams- Tupac 

Name: Jordan Lefebvre 

Home: Quebec 

Lasting Memories: Turning a small argument into a 

big one just by saying are you gonna take that 7 

ETIAC Rugby champs. CAIS finalists, GMAA 7s 

Champs. The Ireland/Wales/England Rugby tour, 

Card war with Michon and Mario. Watch this, Mario 

Is gonna come in the room and be like "what are you 

talking about?" Dustin, Michon, Joon, and 

Fernando. Dustin's crazy native skills in the park, 

crazy night. Ottawa with Fernando and Xavier. 

Bodyguard for Bolligrew. Yes Geoff I know it's gonna 

make a shadow and by the way our improv on Flop 

Cop was Sick. Sleeping in philosophy and eco. 

Beating staff in football game. Backflip on 

snowboard and off center stairs with seb. hurdling 

football player. Getting addicted to Michon's snoring 

It actually helps me work, seriously Dustin, Nick and 

Truckle (the Americans) . you know what I'm gonna 

say. Also to those I didn't mention Felix. Antome. 

Hugo. Vasken, Miguel. Joon. the girls (you know 

who you are), the rugby team, football team and 

snowboarders To Everyone: I'll miss you guys. 

Narne:Shi (John) Liang 

Name: Morgan Mackenzie 
Nickname(s): Momo. Mack 
Home Country: USA 
Activities: too many 
Lasting Memories: 
CM remember those hats 9 
Hoitayyy VR. I will never 
understand your love for 
my hair JS my sexy 
Korean P PF&MSM. the 
beautiful French filles lol 
JR ma cousine" VH: find 
some clothes and im gunna 
flick u lol. MK. This is an 
ATTACK 1 !! JJP. I will miss 
you lots Thanks for 
everything <3 So many 
people and so many 
memones If I have forgot 
you, I'm sorry, I still love 
you lol Thanks to all of you 
for making my time here 

Name: Paige Martin 

Home Country: Turks and Caicos 

Lasting Memories: It's been 3 long years, and it's finally 

over. Thanks to everyone who's been a part of it. Nia and 

Sophie, we made it out alive. I'll miss the good times 

Mayowa and Jason, the 3 musketeers are breaking up :( 

but I can't wait for our reunion Thanks, mom and dad for 

this experience. It was great. To the rest of you, it's been 

fun. I wish you all the best and good luck next year See 

you around 

Favorite Quote; Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if 

you'll die today 

Name: Jason Paul Mastalir 

Nicknamefs): Michael Cassio. Peter. Tuls 

Home Country: Bermuda 

Activities: Prefect, AIDS Awareness. Swimming 

Ambition: To go to the Olympics. 

Probable Destiny: I would like to think that I would 

win gold at the Olympics, marry the love of my life. 

become an architect/designer and retire with my 

family to a vineyard somewhere peaceful But the 

only thing that is certain in life is that it comes to an 

end, so for that, my destiny is to make the most of it 

while it lasts. 

Lasting Memories: With three years of memories I 

couldn't possibly write them all down The people 

here have been amazing Thank you to all of my 

friends who have become part of my extended 

family I will miss the three musketeers, the pirates. 

the ninias, secret keepers and bringing in the 

cavalry. I'll never forget the late night bank |obs in 

Chapman and the baby foot leg, or THE CHAPMAN 

CARNIVAL CHAMPIONS' I love you all and bid you 

adieu. Until next time. 


Name: Claire Matheson 

Home Country: Canada 

Lasting Memories: Thank you to anyone and 

everyone who ever made me smile or laugh It's 

been fun, it's been great, but now it's done 

To all my Glass girls, I had so much fun living with 

you for these 4 years I'll miss you so much <3 To 

my closest friends, (you know who you are) 

thanks for putting up with and being there for me 1 

hope I did the same for you I love you all so 

much Come to my house sometime, I'm sure my 

parents won't mind ,) 

Ryan, you kept me sane, you kept me happy You 

know me better than I know myselt sometimes. 

You're more wonderful than you know and je 


Favourite Quote: Don't cry because it's over. 

Smile because it happened Dr Seuss 

Name: Geoffrey Matheson 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Soccer, Hockey, Rugby. And Then There 

Were None. The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, 

Coffeehouse, University applications. 

Lasting Memories: Sports Scoring corner kicks from 

Vasken with my head, dump tackling # 1 on Stanstead, 

winning ETIAC and almost winning CAIS with rugby, it's 

weird to be on a winning team Theatre Britany's ideas 

with my props. Yes Jordan, it will make a shadow if you 

put your sword there' coffee breaks to stay awake during 

Bolligrew {Thank you DR). Coffeehouse: Something was 

going to happen I was unsure what, but I knew 

something would, We need milk. Zat ist goot smoozie, ja! 

Arguing with Cam against DM in philo. history (nuff said), 

class discussion (yelling) in soc and English, fear of 

Deanza in drama. Anything that has ever happened in 

the Prefect room La Ronde and headaches. To 

everyone who would call themselves my friend, you guys 

made this year the success it was. Library Prep. Rachel: 

if I take one thing away from this year, it will be our 

unbreakable friendship You were far more than I ever 

hoped to find in someone special We were there for 

each other when it mattered and that's what really 

Favourite Quote: Never stop exploring. 

Name: Michon Elroy McDonald 
Nickname(s): Secret weapon, Monster, Meeshie . 


Home Country: Bahamas 

Activities: Football, basketball, rugby, lieutenant 

Probable Destiny: Hero 

Lasting Memories: 

You never think it's gonna end It's been an interesting 

year. Card wars, singing in the shower with Fernando. 

throwing girls in the snow, ordering 21 double 

cheeseburgers at McDonalds, rugby Ireland trip where I 

learned that I am scary and frighten little English 

children, giving bear hugs and other random violent 

manly forms of affection. Dustin's nagging bout my hair, 

holding the line, rugby CAIS, finding Taco Bell in the 

middle of the twilight zone.freakin Richard, Chris. Aaron, 

getting all pumped for rugby and not playing, Jordan's 

clairvoyance. Fernando's laugh, me and Cameron 

beastmg it out on the Round Square walk, 

makumboultimate showdown, snoring, my sword schhng 

schhng. spending all night writing this write up, so for 

everyone who has been there with me, thanks, we had a 

good run. McNaughton 4 life 

Favorite Quote: Michon get up, you know chapel 

already started -Cool- 

Name: Cameron Mitchell 
Nickname(s): Mr Happy, Cameron The Great, 
Home Country: Canada 
Activities: Everything. Except Prep 
Ambition: To change the world for the Better, {still 
working on how to do it) 

Probable Destiny: Homeless, but Still With Teal 
Lasting Memories: The memories I will have at BCS 
will no doubt last me a lifetime. I have never 
expenenced in my life a year that was so full of. well, 
everything Pirate Ships with no water. Thursdays Club 
and to escape everything, a rugby team that fought 
everything and came out on top. Going to Teals, and 
Baking the Best Banana Cake ever or |ust to Plain 
Hang out BACK TO BACK From learning the Secrets 
of Life From Maxwell to Late night McDonalds Trips to 
come back to a room that isn't mine To have been on 
Stage in Four Shows in one year, to all my friends who 
stayed at my house and the awesome Times we had 
Hotaru, the little Asian who means more to me than 
she'll ever know and is honestly the Love of my life 
and has kept it on the Amazing track for this last year 
It's a full Year to Say the Least. A crazy, fun, amazing, 
love filled, life changing, Year. 

Name: Mane-Saskia Monsamgeon 

Nickname(s): MS. Mess, Frenchie. Poulette 

Home Country: St Bails French West Indies 

Ambition: Architecture 

Lasting Memories: Stella Mtl nxt yr<3-Sophie 4ans 

ma belle'-Momo Je tm LE-Maymay big/skinny lips- 

Claire mon ptit ours-JasonM u build my house I'll 

build yours-Jason Ymym and SuzyO-Pa(i)ge, love 

always-Hota I melt +D, team *BYW* -Polin d'amour- 

GeOff I'll never stop hitting u-Cam, Teal you know 

Thursdays are cool'-Taty tombe pas du bateau'-Lyla 

I'vats surveiller ton bnn d'herbe-Alex |e t'adore-Gabi 

I'm gonna miss u-Vasken 1 digress-Xav sois pas 

decu-Dylan I'm not mean'-Rachel-Dao-Jenny-Jord- 

Ryan-JJC I can't name everyone but you know who 

you are. If you need a place to stay in mtl or stbarts 

lust (book me Thx to Hobbit Leger, Val S , Chuck & 

Val. Nath and Julie for being so awesome Thanks 

to my parents for sending me here and to my big 

brother for being amazing It's over and I'll miss 

every second of it, the room parties, the running in 

the mud. the 3on3 bball, the balcony, the hymns, 

carnival and the busy schedules Good luck to all 

and chase your dreams down 



Name: Fernando Moreno 
Home Country: Mexico 
Lasting Memories: This is 

it, Vasco.Xav, Hugo, Dustm.Joon, Mario, Meesh.Jord, Felix, 
cosita, Miguel. mexicanos I'll miss u MCN boys, mom. 
dad bros no c como agradecerles x lodo. thnx 2 
everyone that never gave up on me. Jana u know t love 
u n I'll never forget u. Countless gatmgs. the colossal 
effort 2 make breakfast check-in(evry day 1 ), 4am walk 
through Siberia, asian style, Ottawa tnp with jord n xav. 
rugby tour. 4mim world cups, epic CAIS, that pumping 
cheer, the roar, bleeding purple till the last minute, 
triumphs, failures, we did everything together, but soon 
we will be spread all over the world, it will feel like it was 
just a dream, and when we clutch these yearbooks 
minds alight with sweet remembrances, let us not be 
overcome with sadness for there will always be the 
everlasting memories, so I guess this is it. I'll see you 
some other time, it and when you think of me, always 
remember, never back down' 

Name: Po-Jung Pao 
Nickname(s): Vicky 
Home Country: Taiwan 

Activities: Cadet camp helper, Usher. Chess Club 
Lasting Memories: Three years in BCS. it sounds long but 
actually lime passes so fast, especially this year Although 7th 
form life is lirmg and hard but it is definitely my besl year in 
BCS Many friends and memories Pauline, being the only two 
girls in Bio and Chem class, we survive 1 !! You are the best 
flamenco dancer Hota. you are actually one of tallesl Japanese 
girl in the school. Keep your smile and loud laughter in 
university Yi-Tong, thank you for taking care of me so much 
and cooking me good food I have to tell you that I am going lo 
miss the Chinese food you cook Cindy, stop thinking about 
tackling me Jenn, although we are in different form, you are still 
my best friend I will see you in London 1 John, you are such a 
humorous and funny lab partner I will remember everyone and 
every moment in BCS forever, cadets, dance, carnival, crease, 
asian table, Lenn, concert. Finally graduate! 

Name: Jeong Joon Park 

Nickname(s): Joon Joon, Zi Zi 

Home Country: Korea 

Activities: Grad committee. Warden, Choir, Student 

librarian. Student life, Amnesty, OM. Cadet Cannon, 

House Captain 

Ambition: President of United States of America 


Probable Destiny: travelling with Family .! 

Lasting Memories: Soccer CAIS, Watching Lost with 

Xavier, Ordering pizza with Xavier and Hugo everyday, 

even Mr Marino was our houseparent I'm proud of my 

self that I have been roommate with Vasken two years 

■ Momo. I will miss you 

I will miss our lighting and arguing. 

I will miss everything that we have done. 

Favorite Quote: - roommates for lite - it's all about 

respect • blast the zick 

Name: Vasken Redwanly 

Nickname(s): ITAUANO 

Home Country: Quebec City, Canada 

Activities: Marching Band, Student Librarian, AIDS 

committee. Team Captain 

Ambition: Protessional Rugby Player, Retire early with a 

lot ot money. Purchase a Yacht on the coast ot Italy, 

Drink Wine, Have Great Time with Friends. Surrounded 

by Models 

Probable Destiny: Play Sports at the Professional 

Level, Model 

Lasting Memories: Life in the Houses throughout the 

Years, Championship Games. England, Wales. Ireland 

Rugby Tour with Mr Marino, The Greatest People that I 

have met here at BCS Thank You' . Miguel (BEDTIME 

STORIES), Hugo, Xavier, Jason, Dylan, Patrick(The 

Jesse James Gang), Cameroon, Teal, Geoff, Mario, 

Eloy, Joon, Morgan, Mayowa Be Good while I'm gone 

Thanks Mom & Dad 

Favourite Quote: -A true leader always keeps an 

element of surprise up his sleeve, which others cannot 

grasp but which keeps his public excited and 

breathless •■ 

Charles de Gaulle 

Name: Estefania Rivera Rubia 

Nickname(s): Nia 

Home Country: Margarita Island. Venezuela 

Activities: Choir, Usher Intramurals (lol), IHA and 


Lasting Memories: My life with Sophie and Paige, going 

through the same every single day. but improvised 1 

Terry, Rexona y Roxy, las adoro, nos vemos en 5 a'os 

para abnr la caja =). The five of you made my year the 

best it could be and I'm thankful for having you as my 

friends, I love you' Mama, gracias por darme la 

oportunidad de tener una experience como esta. como 

tu nmguna, Te Amo 1 

Name: Dylan Runkel 

Home Country: Bermuda 

Activities: Tennis, Skiing, AT, Band 

Ambition: To get out and experience as much as I can 

before I run out of money. 

Probable Destiny: To run out of money faster than 

expected and go back to work 

Lasting Memories: Bringing in the cavalry, Sandwiches 

and cartwheels, taking Prefect cookies, late nights at Tim 

Hortons. breaks in Montreal and Prefect room 

discussions. The painted faces screaming at basketball 

games. Ski crease workouts and the perfect days on the 

slopes. Camping trips and ropes courses. It has been 

great. To every single person who has ever made me 

laugh, thank you This year was nothing short of 

amazing, and I owe it all to you guys. 

Favourite Quote: My advice to you is not to inquire why 

or whither, but just en|oy your ice cream while it's on your 

plate -Thornton Wilder 

Name: Hotaru Sakama 

Nickname(s): Hota, ho, dog. . lucy 

Home Country: Japan 

Lasting Memories: The 4 years of BCS life was 

LONG and DEEP 1 I think I grew every year There 
are many people I met here who I will never 
forget Glass girls, all ot you are wonderful, good 
luck next year' Mo, May, Claire, you girls are 
awesome, keep in touch 1 Alex Q. you are the 
best' Keep having fun with Sammy ,) Nia, Soph, 
be nice D Mane, Dea team BYW, coffee party at 
12 tonight' Dylan, Teal, Jasonsss, Ryan, don't 
change yourself until I see you again' Mario, the 
best twine, Vicky, Jenny, the best asian friends' 
Prefects, I think we were cool, right 9 Alexa. Sof, 
Az. Faz, Hunnie, Nemo, you girls rock' Ins, the 
best roommate. Thank you Mrs Nelson and Mr. 
MacDonald and Caroline tor being so nice to me. 
Pauline. Monamo, thank you so much for being 
Ihere for me I am always your bebe, Love 
you. Chu!' and finally Cameron, take care of 
yourself and your leg muscles and lucky number 
is always 38 ,) best friends forever I love you. 
Everyone, keep a smile on your face 3 
Favourite Quote: Don't worry, be happy' 

Name: Jennifer (Han kyeol) Song 

Nickname(s): China, sexy Korean, sexy Korean 

hooker (rugby position) 

Home Country: South Korea 

Activities: Players Club, Cadets. 

Ambition: Being a world famous psychologist even 

more than Freud ;P 

Probable Destiny: Psychologist. 

Lasting Memories: Having Pauline as my sis, 

Coffee party w/ Hota dog, photo shoot w/ Africa 

(Mayowa), the best massage w/ Momo, MS 

randomly screaming & jumping, Teal's barbeque 

and library preps, ail those times in the theatre w/ 

Brandon W, sharing deepest secrets w/ Jason M, 

my sexy Dea. insulting Asians w/ Jason Yin (haha). 

Claire who was always there to comfort/give advice, 

Ryan, my cute III bro Pat, Dylan, Cam the sweet 

heart, Jess's tent sleep-over. Prefect camp , doing 

makeup for the plays, threatening Mr Rae, having 

long talks with my crazy G-Fmch. my second 

mommy Julie, Caroline (counselor). Maxwellian 

philosopher Mr Maxwell, first day ot school as a 

Prefect, rugby CAIS 

Favourite Quote: 

"If all my friends were to jump off a bridge, I wouldn't 

jump with them, I'd be at the bottom to catch them" 

Name: Brandon Wickens 

Nickname: B-Don, The Don Wickens, Wicks 

and Brans. 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Theatre, sports, Community 

Service. Student Librarian, Student Life 

Committee, etc. 

Ambition: The world of theatre 

Probable Destiny: Something creative and 


Lasting Memories: Any act of kindness 

Favourite Quote: Curiosity killed the cat but 

satisfaction brought it back. 

- Eugene ONeil 

Name: Suzanne Stenason 

Nickname(s): Suzy, SuzyQ 

Home Country: Canada 

Activities: Band, Choir. Soccer, Hockey, Softball, 


Ambition: To stop tripping over things 

Lasting Memories: I was only here for a year, but 

oh what a year it's been. Creative writing aka best 

class ever, probably the most amazing quotes come 

out of that class don't believe me 1 ? Ask Father 

Ginger. To my Glass girls- thank you for always 

being there! D-we share more than just a wall 

heehee. Jess (aka Jo-jess-kaaah): what would I 

have done without you this year 9 I wish you the 

best of luck with everything in your senior year RB. 

CM, MO, MM, MSM, JS. HS, PF, you guys made 

the living-with-all-girls-in-a-very-enclosed-space 

experience my most enjoyable one yet P. Little 

Brian one word: EPIC. Dave: be good while I'm 

gone. Jason, my baby You never seemed to have 

the time to finish those chem labs, but somehow 

were always there for me Time escapes us when 

we are together, but I will always remember our 


Favourite Quote: Not a shred of evidence exists in 

favor of the idea that life is serious Brendan Gill 

Name: Jason Yin 
Nickname(s):Asian tft. Yao-Chieh 
Home Country: Taiwan 
Activities: A couple of things 
Lasting Memories: Wow whatever happened to this year" To 
the undefeated seasons'? (Dustin, Ryan. Vasken my teammates 
through all) To the world-class lineouts JJ. Pat! To the life- 
changing experiences in computer class with Michon and Dylan 9 
To the play? - to Vera and Blackhead' To the best times with all 
you guys 9 To the BBQs at Teals 9 To Brandon who's gonna be on 
Broadway and Mastalir who's going to the Olympics 9 To Cam, my 
unofficial roommate 9 To Claire haha Head Prefect 9 To the girls 
Jenny Morgan MS Pauline Hota Mayowa 9 And to my little kitten 
Suzanne who's always by my side through the best and the 
worst! You're beautiful, kind, and sweet and I love you (& band 
geeks for life) 9 Thanks to those who got me through this year it's 
been amazing The moments never end 1 Love you all 
Favourite Quote: 
- Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say 
Best friends listen to what you don't say. 

I would say that it takes courage to grow up and become who you are. Six years at Bishop's College 
School has been no easy task, and yet it has been such a pr,vile 3 e to be here- However, there were times 
when I wanted to change schools and leave this place forever. Being a sensitive person in such an intimate 
community can have it's low points, which I have been through. Over the years I have been challenged 
and put to the test in so many ways. Fortunately, in my final year of Form Seven, I have found so much 
success Going through six years of hard work, in and out of the classroom, has been worth it. It has been 
worth it because I now come out at the other end as a successful and happy individual. Sure a lot of 
students have gotten me down over the years, but there were always those special people who stood by 
me and supported me through thick and thin I thank them for everything, and I thank Bishop's College 
School for all it has done for me. I have a bit of advice: don't be afraid to make mistakes. And when you 
make those mistakes, don't be afraid to learn from them. It's those mistakes that help you move forward in 
the world. Anyway, that's just my opinion - take it or leave it. Bye now. 

Six years, four houses, basketball and rugby championships, helping Chapman win its first Carnival, my 
life is full of memorable moments I could not have done it without the support of my friends and some 
key people. Mom and Dad, thank you so much. Hasta la vista baby! 

I have been given the impossible task of writing about what it has meant to me to be a BCS Lifer. I spent the first 
nine years of my life on campus wanting to get in to BCS and the next nine working to get out (by graduating, of 
course), after eleven years away, I returned to teach for a few years and I stayed for thirty-three. And now I've been 
given 250 words to say what that's like! 

I share this page with Arnaud, Brandon and Vasken - my Lifers: mine because they began BCS as I became Head 
and we graduate together - they after six years, I after fifty-one. These three represent so much of all the students I 
have known since I started teaching Forty years ago. Each has been a source of concern, even frustration, to me, and 
each has brought me great joy I think especially of the two who have managed to contribute to this page, and I 
remember Vasken's first week, and Brandon's first month. I remember my |oy and pride in their God-given talent, 
and my frustration when their personal struggles impeded their potential. I was glad to be a factor in their growing 
up, and that's the point really 

There is no privilege for a teacher that beats having even a small influence on someone in the most difficult years of 
his or her life. And there is no greater responsibility. I cannot imagine a better place to have had that privilege and 
responsibility than on the beautiful campus of BCS, with my colleagues and friends, and with BCS students who 
have so often been a source of inspiration. 
Speaking as the Lifer-to-end-all-Lifers, it's a pretty good place to spend ones life! 





I ■ : 

,! V- 

fa V 

s % 





<5&est (Wishes 

r Che oManagemmt and Qsbtaffof 

i^m go 

V.nowy C(/ 

ffitPamxlb 8c (!lvu 


Depau k to/iTdebz/t etde 
joiw en j'oxw tut n'<u cewe 
de de rfejxajw. Feficttation 
Ai&twlm, mm Aomme* 
fie nu de tof. 
Tei "P<wentj 



and ^ 

David 5tenaAon )>. 


Conptuiatioru ^ 
on ijoxw gmditttionf ■■ 

« Mow, Dad & Tow ^7 

for Brandon Wickens 

In September 2003 you entered B.C.S. as a young, 
nervous boy demonstrating great promise but 
carrying a heart full of confusion. You leave in June 
2009 as a confident, talented, handsome, successful 
young man who's eager to confront the world and 
its many challenges. From the classroom to the gym, 
the playing fields to the black box theatre, you have 
grown immeasurably and can take pride in your 
gifts and achievements. 

We wish you a bright future, Bran. 

Love and hugs from, 

Torq VI Graduation Saturday 

Tun© 1 3 Torioi \(H Graduation 

S-PGCial "Prizes 

BERTHA BELL MUSIC AWARDS • In recognition of the long and outstanding service to the School of the late Bertha Bell organist and music teacher 
an award pin was designed by Col J. Strickland for presentation to senior students who have contributed by maintaining a high standard of personal and 
public performance over several years. 

For Choir- Deanza Bowrin. Hotaru Sakama 

For Band- Ryan Comeau, Brian Harrington. Arnaud Lafaille-Mathieu. Claire Matheson, Paige Martin 

For Band & Choir - Yao-Chieh (Jason) Yin 

PRIX MADEMOISELLE CAILTEUX - Ce prix est remis a la jeune fills dont I'attitude face au francais comme langue d'apprentissage et de communication 
a servi a la communaute de BCS Presente annuellement a la memoire de Mile Odette Cailteux. professeure de francais a King s Hall, par Mary 
Cochrane Holt Cowans (KHC 1954) et John Douglas Cowans (BCS 1954). Cette annee, le prix est decerne a: Pauline Faure 

PRIX RON OWEN (presente par M Ron Owen) Ce prix est remis au jeune homme dont I'attitude face au francais comme langue d'apprentissage et de 
communication a servi a la communaute de BCS. Presente chaque annee en I'honneur de Monsieur Ron Owen, professeur de francais a BCS de 1949 a 
1983. Le prix est decerne a Romain Mathevet 

THE KAY ART PRIZE - is presented by Mr Colin C. Kay in memory of his son, Douglas C. M Kay, who died while attending BCS. 1906-1913. It is 
awarded to the student demonstrating the most talent in Art among students in the School. It is awarded to: Odre Alexandra Lefebvre 

THE KENNETH HUGESSEN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE WRITING is founded by the Hon and Mrs. Adrian Knatchbull Hugessen in memory of their son, 
Kenneth, BCS, 1936-1941 . This year's winner of the Hugessen prize is: Suzanne Stenason 

THE C. DOUGLAS JOHNSTON PRIZE FOR POETRY is donated by Grant Johnston, a BCS old boy and poet, and named for his father. This prize is 
awarded annually to the student who has produced the best collection of poetry during the school year. 
It is awarded to: Aline Eluere 

THE DIANE ROSS AWARD is donated by Mrs Judith Ross in memory of her daughter, Diane, a student at BCS from 1982-84 The prize is awarded 
annually to the student who has excelled in creative writing and has been actively involved in the extra-curricular life of the school. This year awarded to: 
Brandon Wickens 

THE RIDDELL PRIZE FOR DRAMA is donated by Michael and Susan Riddell to the students who. in the opinion of the members of the Players Club, 
have made the greatest contribution to Drama at BCS during the year This year it is awarded to: Brandon Wickens. Cameron Mitchell and Mayowa 
Kupoluyi Olusola 

THE ANTHONY AWDE TROPHY FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING- Presented by the Old Boys Association in memory of J. Anthony Awde, BCS 1963-68. who 
was tragically killed in an automobile accident during his first year at McGill University Tony Awde overcame a speech handicap during his years at 
B.C.S. and was one of our accomplished public speakers and Chapel readers by the time he reached his senior year. He actually won the Headmasters 
prize for Reading in Chapel This year it is present to: Jennifer Harding-Marlin 

THE PETER HOLT MEMORIAL LIBRARY PRIZE: For his skills, effort and generosity, the library prize goes to Yao-Chieh (Jason) Yin 

THE ONDAATJE FOUNDATION AWARD is donated by Christopher Ondaat|e for the senior student who has done the most while at the School to 
encourage love of scholarship, either through personal attitude and achievement, or through assistance to others. It is awarded to: Po-Jung (Vicky) Pao 

THE BRUCE M. HICKS PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD: Awarded to the student who has done the most in an academic year towards the amelioration of 
conditions of disadvantaged individuals or groups including those who are disadvantaged because of race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sex, 
age, or mental or physical disability. This year awarded to Hotaru Sakama 

OUTWARD BOUND AWARD is awarded to the Form V student who best exemplifies self-reliance, care and respect for others, service to the community, 
and concern for the environment as espoused by Kurt Hahn Founder of Outward Bound award. This award entitles the recipient to a 21 -day Outward 
Bound Canada Course in 2009. This year awarded to: Laura Smith 

THE KING CONSTANTINE MEDAL for Round Square is awarded to Jennifer Harding Marlin for her special and unusual service to the community. 

THE ASH QUAICH PRIZE- is donated by the family of Richard and Christopher Ash. who came to BCS on exchange in 1992 and 1996 respectively. It is 
awarded to the new student(s) who have made the greatest contribution to school life in their first year at BCS. It is awarded to: Teal Kreuger, Cameron 
Mitchell and Jonathan Crowther 

THE BRENDAN TROWER TANKARD (Presented by David Dutton)-is given by the Trower family in memory of BCS art teacher, Brendan Trower, to the 
student who demonstrates the qualities of gentleness, modesty and consideration for others - virtues that due to their subtlety can otherwise pass 
relatively unnoticed It is awarded to Yi Tong Dai 

THE LAURA JOLL AWARD is donated by the Old Girls' Association to the girls who have shown most effort in contributing toward house spirit. It is 
awarded to: Jennifer Harding-Marlin and Morgan Mackenzie 

THE D.A.G. CRUICKSHANK AWARD is donated by the faculty in recognition of David Cruickshank's service to the School. The award goes to the 
student who in David's words best exemplifies "Leadership through Service" This year awarded to: Pauline Faure 

THE VICE-CHAIRMAN'S PRIZE is awarded to the boy in Forms II to V who receives three First Class Team Colours and has the highest academic 
average. It is awarded to: Charles Beaudry 

THE CHAIRMAN'S PRIZE is awarded to the girl in Forms II to V who receives three First Class Team Colours and has the highest academic average. It 
is awarded to: Victoria Leblond 

THE WINDER CUP is donated by Mrs. J.B. Winder in memory of her husband, Dr. J.B. Winder. It is awarded to the student receiving three First Team 
Colours during one year, in either Form VI or Form VII. and having the highest academic average. It is awarded to: Paige Martin 

THE HARTLAND B. MACDOUGALL MEDAL is given by the MacDougall Family in memory of Hartland B. MacDougall. B.C.S., I889-I894. It is awarded 
to a boy in the School for leadership, integrity, industry, and games. This year awarded to: Yao-Chieh Yin (Jason) 

THE GILLARD AWARD is donated by the Old Girls' Association. II is awarded to a girl in the School for leadership, integrity, industry, and games. It is 
awarded to Claire Matheson and Mayowa Kupoluyi Olusola 


cr * Danco 



_* _; 

Iter' * ' 1 

' jj lyJ 

9 #^ 


»// *■ 












\ i 




K W"H 


. p 

k\ V 


Leaving home when 12 
what a challenge! 
5 years at BCS, what an 
achievment.Taty, we are 
proud of you! 


Our first accomplishment was all making it throush this year. 
Not only did we survive, but it was a sreat time. Every time 
we worked together, we ended up laughing and joking 
around, but when we focused, we were able to work 
together and get what we needed to done. We had an 
awesomely diverse group of athletes, actors, musicians, 
speakers and just all around good people. 







rauline: Enjoy every single moment you 
have here, take the best from them, cause in 
the end you will get lifetime experiences, 
lifetime memories, and most importantly 
lifetime friends. Thank you and good luck for 
the rest. 


y^f$n MayOWa: Stereotypes aren't always true, 








not all Asian people study, those who wear 
baggy pants with huge jackets aren't always 
thugs, not all black people are good at 
basketball, and not all nerds are ugly. Thanks 
to everyone, who kept me going. I love you 
all very much. It's been a good 3 years. 


Jenny: I just want to thank 
those who were always there for 
me and supported me. I will never 
forget you guys and remember: 
graduation is not the end, it's just a 
beginning of another adventure. 

Jason: When it comes down to it I 
have found new friends, a new home and 
a new family here at BCS. So as I bid you 
SwiWWing f dreW ell, I would like to say thank you, 

thank you for the, support, the laughs, the 
smiles, the jokes and the experiences. But 
mostly thank you for the memories. 






e *A 

e *fi 



Hotaru: I'm 

proud of who I 
have become 
here at BCS. 
Thank you for 
making me 
smile, keep a 
smile on your 
face. : D 

/in: Who's bright idea was it 
to put the letter "s" in the 
word lisp? Hmmmm. I will 
miss you all. You guys have 
been amazing. The wonderful 

Handsome t ' mes w '" never ' De forgotten. 
So thank you. Thank you for 
the experiences. Thank you 
for the friendships. And thank 
you for the love! 







At ^tic 



Ryan: Thank you 
to everyone that has 
made the past year, 
and the four before 
it here so amazing. 

fl^&N Brandon: To be nobody but 
&0 yourself --in a world which is 
doing its best, night and day, to 
make you everyone else -means 
to fight the hardest battle which 
any human can fight and never 
stop fighting (E.E. Cummings). 


Labouring Claire: Thank you. 

A Thank you to anyone 



and everyone who 
ever made me laugh, 
Reality's or smile. It's been 


great. Now we're out. 

ifis Last \0ord5 

wis Evans, Headmaster 
BCS 19?? - 2009 

And now. here we are. Some of you are finishing a three-term stay at BCS. Three of you are finishing 
your 18-term stay and I'm finishing a 153rd. But I cheat. I count my childhood and why wouldn't I? Those 
years are the most important in forming the person we become. But now it's over and we go to what's 
next. And what is next? And are we prepared? Are you prepared? Well, I think you are. Prepared at least 
to start the next step. And I hope, prepared enough to see it through to the step beyond that. 

Preparation, though, has less to do with what you know, although that is important, than it has to do 
with who you are. And I don't mean your name or your position in society. I mean who you are as a 
person, what kind of person you are, what kind of character you have. I want to remind you what Major 
Turner told us on the morning of the Cadet Inspection. He was telling us about his first tour in 
Afghanistan, the time when his task was keeping General Hillier alive. He said that every morning, when 
he woke up, he knew he had to be on. No matter what was happening in his life, no matter what had 
happened the day before; no matter what, he had to be on. How does one do that day after day? 

Major Turner's words stuck with me because when you're on, you're at your best. I hope that you will 
be able to bring out your best when you need it, and even when you don't. And that's a problem. You 
won't always know when you have to be at your best. 

About 37 years ago, when I was really young and in my third year teaching in Winnipeg, I had a 
student called Bruce Sutherland. He was a short wiry guy from the north shore of Lake Superior. He 
struggled academically and he was useful athletically more by dint of effort than talent; he was a basically 
good kid, and I liked him. One day he said to me something like, "You know Sir, you said something to 
me that changed my life." 

I was dumbfounded. I had no idea what it was. He told me I'd said, "You know, Sutherland, one day 
you're going to wake up and see what a good guy you are, and you're never going to look back from 
there " It sounded like something I'd say, so I chose to believe him, but it really scared me. If it was so 
important to him, why hadn't I remembered it? And that taught me a lesson: what we say can be 
important whether we mean it to be or not. 

Faculty-student interactions in a school like this are broad and varied. We talk, we commiserate, we 
scold, we push, we plead, we demand, we joke, we banter, we get to know each other very well, both 
formally and casually, and who knows when something said casually will strike such a chord with the 
listener that it will change his life. 

I am a teacher. I am an English teacher, and a drama teacher. No matter what else I've done in my 
life, that is the base on which I have built. Words are important to people like me, and every now and 
then, some great writer or playwright or poet or troubadour strings together a series of words that speak 
directly to what I think. Now as some of you know, I have in the last year become an ardent Leonard 
Cohen fan; it's a condition I caught from my wife after prolonged exposure. These are his words: 
Ring the bells that still can ring /Forget your perfect offering /There is a crack in everything IThats how the 
light gets in. 

There is a crack in everything. Nothing is perfect, that's how the light gets in. And that's what brings 
life and learning to all things To take it a step further: Mistakes are bound to happen. Don't be afraid of 
them. Be honest about them. Learn from them. The job of teaching is an awesome responsibility or 
perhaps I should say awful, for it is full of awe. 37 years ago, I learned from Bruce Sutherland that I, as a 
teacher, had to be on when I talked to students and over the years I have succeeded and failed at that. 
And I have tried to learn from my failures. We all have flaws and we all keep going, and that brings me to 
another thing that was said this term, this time by Mr. Gilman. It was the week after the CAIS Rugby 
Tournament and I was talking to him about the performance of the Boys First Team, and he said, 
"They've got no quit in them." The team had beaten St. Andrew's, beaten Ridley and UCC and lost a 
close one (yes, I know, a controversial one) to Ashbury but they "had no quit" in them. 

You have all heard my favourite words from Sir Francis Drake: "It is not the beginning but the 
continuing of the same until the end, until it be thoroughly finished, that yieldeth the true glory." Of course, 
things do come to an end. And since this is my last chance to do this, I want to say thank you. Thank you 
to the Faculty, Staff, and the Admin Team. A special thank you to my secretary Sheila Lyster. And I want 
to thank you parents, grandparents and families who have sent your sons and daughters to our school. 
Thank you for believing in what we do and in what we have here. Thank you for sharing them with us in 
this crucial time of their lives. And finally, to you the students, to you as representatives of all the students 
of the last forty years, to you as representatives of students who have come from all around the world, 
thank you. Thank you for the lessons you have taught us. There is nothing in my experience that matches 
seeing you perform beyond the best you thought possible. This is the reward of teaching. This is the joy 
of my professional life. It is your potential and resilience that gives us all confidence in the future. 
You've learned a lot here, whether you were here for one year or six, for three terms or eighteen. Take 
these lessons with you. But more important, take who you are with you. 

Don't be afraid of the crack in everything, the inevitable mistakes along the way. Rather face them 
honestly so that you learn from them. Be on as much as you can, so that your best will come out. Have 
"no quit in you" so your character will shine. 

God speed, fare well and thank you. 

Lewis Evans (Speach to the Graduating Class of 2009) 



°* V*. 

Canadian press/to 




Full 1152.10 

Q In January 2009, after both engines fail 
due to ingesting birds. US Airways Flight 
1549 ditches in New York's Hudson 
River All 155 passengers and crew 
members are saved, thanks to the skill 
and courage of pilot Chesley B. "Sully" 

p- r-Tzr*** mm ^ 

L Acadien II capsizes: 

hi ni hi 

GARY HERSHORN/Reulers/Landov 



..ill v 

HI I llll*^ 


CP Photo/Frank Gunn 

Moscow International Conference on 

Ensuring Delivery of Russian Gas 

Supplies to Consumers in Europe 

A 40-year-old man is charged after 
a young man was stabbed and 
decapitated on a Greyhound bus 
on route to Winnipeg. 


S^f. '•:'/*>' 



/* i 

AP Photo/Atlanta Journal Constitution, Curtis Compto 

Riots break out in Athens, Greece and 
quickly spread across the country and 
Baltic States after a student is killed by 

(^) Barack Obama makes history as 
the first African-American to win the 
presidency of the United States. 
The former Illinois senator promises 
an era of change that captures the 

| imagination of the world. 


I Electoral Votes 

Obama 365 
McCain 113 

refebTaWU , 



In January 2009, president-elect Obama ( 

attends the ultimate power lunch in the White 
House, meeting and getting advice from 
President Bush as well as former Presidents 
George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter. 




NDP leader Jack Layton, 
Liberal leader Stephane 
Dion and Bloc leader Gilles 
Duceppe sign a coalition in an 
effort to replace the minority 
Conservative government. 

After an unprecedented constitutional drama, a federal election is called and on 
November 14, 2008 Stephen Harper secures a second minority government. 

Gov. Gen. Michaelle 
Jean grants Prime 
Minister Harper's 
request to suspend 
(prorogue) Parliament. 

Michael Ignatieff replaces 
Stephane Dion as federal 
leader of the Liberal Party 

Jean Charest becomes the 
first Quebec premier in more 
than half a century to win 
three consecutive mandates. 

59.1% of Canadians voted 
in the Federal Election, the 
lowest since 2004. Only 
56.5% of voters cast ballots 
in Quebec's provincial 

Foreign Affairs Minister 
Maxime Bernier resigns 
over a security breach 
involving classified 
NATO documents left 
at the home of former 

Barack Obama follows a 
presidential tradition and 
heads to Canada for his 

girlfriend, Julie Couillard. first international visit. 

Financial markets around the 
world plummet and contribute 
to the greatest economic crisis 
since the Great Depression 








i»l, 1 ,., , '** linl M|l 


For \«mx 

9mI Estate (Mountain 

17 ^« '->*■■'»' 


(403) 819-2738 


Photo by Larry W. Smith/Getty Images 

The 'big three' automakers, GM, Ford and 
Chrysler request and are eventually offered 
a bailout package of over $1 7 billion from 
the U.S. and $4 billion from Canada. 




NI1KESEGAH,n.,„. ^dov 

^' i ns 



Many retailers are forced to file for 
bankruptcy or go out of business. The 
number of consumer bankruptcies in 
Canada soared 50.6% from a year 
earlier. While bankruptcies were filed 
across the nation, Alberta was among the 
highest with a 106% increase in filings. 

; &M'. ~-\ *Ijh 



Full 1152.10 

V * 




In October, the loonie falls to 
77.26 U.S.; it's lowest since 
September, 2004. 

CP Press/Bayne 1 

Family time increases: 

AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez 




Unemployment rate hits 26-year high in January 2009 

Due to high rates of unemployment 
and overall hard economic times, 
sociologists report that families are 
spending more time at home, resulting 
in an increased quality of family life. 
Canadian food prices rose 7.4% in 
November; the largest hike since 1986. 



Finance Minister Jim I 
Flaherty presented a 
spending blueprint that 
projects almost $85 
billion in deficits by 2013; 
Canada's first deficit in 
11 years. 


Action pu 

». s 
■ 2 

Reusable bags 


Q In September, Google and General Electric 
partner to develop clean technologies. 
Modernizing the national electric grid to 
enable wider deployment of wind, solar and 
geothermal energy will be an early priority. 

Courtesy of Apple, Inc. 


~^m green 

The green cleaning 
movement gains momentum 
nationally as environmentally 
safe non-toxic cleaning 
products are used in many 
homes, as well as provincial 
and city institutions. 

Mark Mainz/Getty Images 

Models and Olympic athletes 
showcase the first-ever collection 
of eco-friendly apparel for 
Canadian athletes at the Beijing 
Games. Designers at the 
Hudson's Bay Company created 
the clothing with earth-friendly 
materials such as bamboo, 
organic cotton and cacona, a 
substance derived from coconuts. 


Brad Pitt launches the "Make It Right" project to build 
150 green-sensitive new homes in the New Orleans 
Lower 9th Ward, which was destroyed by Hurricane 
Katrina. Pitt contributes $5 million to the project. 

rt There are approximately 85 wind 
farms currently in operation across 
Canada. A typical modern turbine will 
produce enough electricity to meet the 
annual needs of about 500 homes. 


American swimmer Michael Phelps 
/jnakes Olympic history with eight gold 
t medals. Phelps sets three world records 
.J ♦ in his five individual wins. 

♦ t S * » % ,r / 



The Philadelphia 
Phillies win their 
second World Series 
with a five game 
victory over the 
Tampa Bay Rays. 

Team Canada celebrates their 5-1 
victory over Sweden. This is the 5th 
gold medal in a row for Canada at the 
IIHF World Junior championships. 

MVP Santonio Holmes makes a tip-toe catch 
in the corner of the end zone with 35 seconds 
remaining to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers past 
the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII 

Team Martin defeats Scotland 6-3 
at the 2008 Men's World Curling 
championship in Grand Forks, N.D. 

The Calgary Stampeders celebrate their 
win against the Montreal Alouettes at the 
96th CFL Grey Cup in Montreal. 

Team Jones defeats China 
7-4 at the gold medal game 
at the Women's World Curling 
Championship in Vernon, B.C. 

Jimmie Johnson captures 
the NASCAR Sprint Cup 
championship for the third 
straight year in his famous 
#48 Lowe's Chevrolet 
Impala SS. 


(4) Stephenie Meyer's runaway 
best-seller, Twilight, becomes 
a hit movie starring Robert 
Pattinson and Kristen Stewart 
as Edward and Bella. 

u rr 







At the 81 st Academy Awards, Slumdog 
Millionaire, a surprise entry from India 
about teen life in Mumbai wins 8 awards 
while Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of 
Benjamin Button, about a man who 
ages backwards, took two of the coveted 

Canadian actress 
Shenae Grimes from 
Degrassi: The Next 
Generation is cast 
in the role of Annie 
Wilson in 90210. 






MTV spins off the reality show 
The Hills, following Laguna 
Beach star Lauren Conrad and 
her friends to Los Angeles. 

Australian Heath Ledger, in his 
last film role as the Joker in the 
Batman epic The Dark Knight, wins 
a posthumous Golden Globe as 
well, the Academy Award for Best 
Supporting Actor. 

ft, aartmM 

'Of 1 

Britney Spears rebounds from 
years of personal challenges with 
her fifth No.1 album, Circus. She 
becomes the only act in Nielsen 
SoundScan history to have four 
albums that debut with 500,000 
or more copies sold. 

Feist wins five Juno awards 
including Album of the Year 
at the awards in Calgary on 
April 6, 2008. 

Jessie Farrell accepts the Female 
Artist of the Year at the 2008 
Canadian Country Music Awards in 
Winnipeg on September 8, 2008. 


Classic Rock 

i* < 





Fox's American Idol adds a 
fourth judge to the popular show. 
Grammy-nominated songwriter 
Kara DioGuardi joins regular 
panelists Randy Jackson, Paula 
Abdul and Simon Cowell. 



[O ,:,ocker David Cook. 

with 58 percent of the fan 
votes, beats balladeer 
David Archuleta in the 
2008 finals of Fox's 
American Idol. 

Q Textmg becomes the new writing. 
Teens everywhere learn to 
double-thumb miniature keyboards 
and invent a new language of 
abbreviations and signs- 

Hjgigftal TV 

The U.S. converts from analog to digital TV despite 
the fact that many Americans are not ready to make 
the switch. Canada's Office of Consumer Affairs 
(OCA) announces that after August 31, 2011 all 
analog televisions will require a converter box. 


Big Sunglasses. 


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